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Pacific Rim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen it, and it is good.


I really enjoyed We Are the Reckless by downjune. It is a super-nifty AU in which neither Mako nor Raleigh can speak for various spoilery reasons.

And here are some other random fannish things:

1) I am contemplating signing up for a couple holiday exchanges after taking the year off from organized fannish activity. I asked the mod at avengersfest if I can sign up if I am only willing to write genfic. When I think about the exchanges that got me in so much trouble two years ago, they all involved writing shippy stories for strangers, which I don't do very well.

2) I am kind of shocked by how little splash STID made in fandom. I mean, I figured there would be a fest or exchange or prompts or something, but no. This makes me very sad face.

3) Avengers might be my main fandom right now, which is okay with me, but I feel like playing with something new. I hope I can find some Pacific Rim things, or maybe some Elementary.

4) A wedding planner asked me what my favorite love story was. I said Star Wars. She was baffled, and I did not hire her.
One of my best friends was dressed very reminiscent of Leia for her wedding -- I helped her make the boots! She wore a very beautiful white silk cloak. I wonder where she keeps it and if she ever brings it out for costumery. :)

I was married on May Day and had an informal white dress which I still wear on May Day.

I hope you have excellent luck finding a fannish wedding planner. I have long toyed with the idea of becoming a "celebrant" which is a personal who helps you build and perform the ideal rituals for the actual ceremony. :)
Hee! Well, I'm not exactly planning a fannish wedding, though I would not say no to some Han and Leia cake toppers. But anyone who doesn't understand that a bad ass sci fic adventure movie makes an awesome love story definitely doesn't understand me either :)
Her line of questioning was so ridiculous. First she asked me my favorite celebrity couple, and when I said that I am more NY Times than TMZ, she asked for my favorite love story instead. I only imbibe love stories in the form of sci-fi/fantasy awesomeness, so...

Anyway, anyone who doesn't get why I would consider Star Wars the most awesome love story ever is clearly never going to understand me.
There's an Elementary fic about Sherlock being a knitting ninja and it's awesome.
I really want to see that movie! Fandom is going crazy over it, and ugh... there's tons of fic out there that's AU and connected to PRverse!!!!
Awesome wedding planner criteria. :)

I know there's a PR kinkmeme somewhere, and AO3 is really blowing up over it? But I suspect tumblr's heavily involved, and I don't do that site for various reasons. I went to see the movie because Monsters and Giant Robots, but came out of it with a vasty love for half the characters, so: ♥

Hey, hey. What about a Pacific Rim AU for Elementary? Holmes and Watson as Jaeger pilots ... *imagines that for a moment*

... As far as STID is concerned, I think a lot of people had sparkly headcanon for what would happen next after the 2009 Star Trek. And STID ... was not that movie. For many of us. Call it cognitive dissonance. I saw it several times, and had fun, but as far as spawning fic bunnies? Very meh.

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Sigh. If tumblr is involved, this is not going to be my fandom. I'm not much of a tumblr girl either.

And yeah, I think you're right about the fan reaction to the movie. I liked it a lot, but I think I was alone with my squee.

Wow...the Holmes/Watson (or Holmes-and-Watson) AU needs to exist. I don't suppose you're going to write it?
I tend to avoid writing in any variation of Sherlock fandom like the plague; I'm kind of terrified of Doing It Wrong. But I love the Elementary version of them like burning. I hope someone else does write that crossover.

...I think I might do a Firefly/PR fusion when I'm done with my Buffy/PR crossover sequence, though. I have a pretty solid handle on Mal & company.
The fandom is largely at Tumblr! There's a fairly steady stream of fics on AO3, and the fandom pretty much has ALL THE FEELS ALL THE TIME.

I only check AO3 for the Mako/Raleigh fic, and I only check the "mako mori" tag on Tumblr, although I have several Kaidonovsky and Hansen fans on my dash, so I get stuff from them.

However I have written two-and-a-half fics for PacRim, my Avengers fic is suffering (I'm a one-fandom girl and oh my lord, it's so nice to have a favourite female character that most of the fandom also loves. I haven't had that for the better part of eight years since I left Stargate SG1 fandom.) and I'm kind of grumpy because I can't write ALL THE FEELS fic, it goes counter to my writing skillset (which is action-oriented, with a lot of philosophy/headspace thoughts integrated in) and not so much emotional wringer or happy fluffy 'ever after' stuff.


Oh, and there is a pacrimbigbang and a pacificrimkink and thank you for reminding me about avengersfest!
Okay, this is a stupid question, but can you explain tumblr to me? Is it all just people posting wacky macros, or are their discussions and fests and events like on LJ?

I will have to come check out your PR fic soon :)
It's not a stupid question at all!

Tumblr isn't all wacky macros, although it definitely sucks for conversation. It's great for artists and graphically-minded folk - visual and audio media - but dreadful for meta discussions (as compared to soapboxing, which would happen when you post a meta and a dozen or more people reblog it without actually arguing comments).

Pretty much, you find what you like and you stick with it. Mostly, I tend to follow people who have a lot of art/fannish graphics/photography, with a dash of meta.

I don't know where else the Pacific Rim fandom is - what's on LJ/DW seems to be very scattered and not very active when compared to Tumblr. But I know the fics are at AO3, and most are readable (although I'm not sure I always agree with the characterisations).
Yeah, I don't think tumblr is for me. I tried to scroll through some posts, and it made my head hurt and then made me feel really old. Guess I will just hang out here on LJ and get my fics from AO3. Hopefully some friendly people on my flist will post some recs soon :)
I think the really big stuff was posted early on, just after the movie came out when everyone was in a frenzy.

I have a couple, but I suspect they've been heavily recced already - the early stuff has WILD CRAZY KUDOS on it - and part of that is because it was beautifully written, but I think part of it is also because they got on the wave right before it crested...
I just KNEW you would love Pacific Rim! A03 is definitely where the fic is at.

This is my fav fic so far which maybe you've read because it's pretty much the runaway hit.

And here's my PR tag on tumblr for easy viewing of pretty things.

And HERE is my PR squee post, with fun meta links that are a delight to read!

I too am I kind of surprised by the lack of splash STID made in fandom. I think it's 'cause the movie was very straighforward action!vengeance! with not much world building? Although I was pretty intensely drawn to the Spock/Uhura/Kirk dynamic and I expected more ot3 fic there.

Good luck with wedding plans!!!!! I can't believe 'your fav celeb couple' was her first question! Haha, I can't even imagine organizing a wedding around that! 'Er? Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne? But I have no idea what they did for their wedding and that's probably way out of my budget, so. How about we talk catering.'

Last edit, I promise. Thanks for the rec, my dear! I'm really proud of that one :D and I'm glad you liked it! ♥

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Ooh, thanks for the recs! Your fic was the first/only one I have read in the fandom thus far. I did a little AO3 browsing, and it looks like there is lots of incest?

I think you're right about the lack of world building in the STID movie. Part of what made the first film so amazing was getting to see this universe reimagined, plus the big back stories for Spock and Kirk, and the new Spock/Uhura relationship. I loved STID myself, but it didn't really have the elements that sparked so many people's imaginations. Still, I didn't realize it would be such a fannish non-event...

Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburn are together? Now I want to see their wedding pictures. Mostly because looking at Gina Torres never gets old.
Sadness! The link to your favorite fic goes to your tumblr tag instead. If you have the fic link lying around, will you send it to me? (Unless it's that one where Raleigh inexplicably builds Mako a house in South Dakota at the end, in which case I read it yesterday...)
It seems like the Pacific Rim fandom is primarily congregating on tumblr, which makes it a bit hard to interact, but everyone is very enthusiastic, and the art and fic keep rolling in. I've been mostly reading fics I find on Pinboard.

I wish the Elementary fandom was bigger. I'm super excited about S2 and I only know one or two people who are willing to squee with me.
Yeah, I tried looking at tumblr the other night, and it made my head hurt a little bit. I must be getting old! I loved the rec list you posted on LJ though!

I think Elementary fandom is small just because it's not some kind of sci-fi/fantasy/action fandom with some crazy new universe to explore. Well, that, and writing Sherlock is fucking scary. I have done it once, and it was definitely a 'doubting every step' kind of story. I have noticed that there are Elementary prompts at just about every commentfic fest that I stumble across, so I should be more proactive about trying to fill them.
It took me ages to really figure out how tumblr works; it's confusing and everything seems designed to make interaction more difficult. I find it incredibly baffling as a blog platform but it's fantastic for visual things. I'm def only there for the pretty. :)

Yay I'm glad you liked it! It's been awhile since I posted and I honestly wasn't sure ppl were still using LJ after the mass exodus last year.

True! Elementary is more of a relationship based show and writing case!fic is hard, too. I've found a couple of great writers on AO3 and am trying to pry myself away from Teen Wolf long enough to read more Elementary fic. I will definitely read anything you post!
Hi! Just popping in to say that much as I love Elementary, I find writing the stuff freaking intimidating. Granted, it's easier with JLM's Sherlock than, say, Cumberbatch's, because he's a lot more human and there's a lot more range of interaction with Joan than her just listening to everything he says.

(And because I am awful at keeping up with TV shows, I am only at episode 18, although I've been reasonably spoilered for the end of the season.)
Hello hello! I know exactly what you mean! Altho I guess what I was hoping for was less...IDK, on tumblr there's a lot of arguing with the Sherlock fandom, so I don't search the Elementary tag ever, I just follow a few blogs that post about the show. I miss just getting to talk about it on LJ, since it's so much harder to interact on tumblr. There are a few writers I follow on AO3 who've written some gorgeous fic, but I haven't gotten to read all of it yet bc I've been sort of stuffing my eyeballs with Teen Wolf fic for the past 8 months despite never having actually watched the show. :p

ps omg I love your fics! I read your Tony/Ziva fics and your Bourne fics! I had no idea you had an LJ! um hi? <3
PACIFIC RIM YES. Er, pardon the random stranger outburst -- I've read like all your Star Trek fic & friended you months ago, and I think I left some long rambly comment on one of them about how much I love all of it (especially your Jim, because oh, Jim), and have basically been lurking like a creeper since! Uh, sorry about that.

In any case, should you ever want to squee over Pacific Rim or Star Trek, those are pretty much my biggest fannish obsessions right now! Which is a little sad for me, since I have a giant grudge against fandom's mass migration to Tumblr. Some day, I may yet succumb. Some day. But not this day.
I love Pacific Rim so much! I'm not sure I've really found the fandom, but there's been some really good fic recced on pinboard, and bits of interesting meta on tumblr.

I'm also really sad there hasn't been as much of a fannish explosion as I was expecting after STID.