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I got engaged in Istanbul

Truly, I do not envy my fiance the task of finding the perfect moment for a marriage proposal in the midst of a thirty-five day trip. Finding the right moment took three tries, and even then, there was an unfortunate incident with a street vendor.


The first aborted attempt took place at the top of Galata Tower. Looking down over the red roof tops of Istanbul was magical...but the people who kept bumping into us as they navigated the narrow walkway were not. He was afraid the ring would slip over the edge and tumble to the ground. He decided to wait until dinner.

"Let's find some place nice!" he suggested enthusiastically. But Istanbul is a working class city. We walked up and down endless streets, searching for a "nice" restaurant that did not cater exclusively to American and European tourists. Finally, we settled for a slightly-nicer-than-average Chechen restaurant. Once seated, we discovered that the air conditioner was broken and the twenty Russians inside were really, really obnoxious.

"Do you want a glass of wine?" he asked.

"Lemonade sounds better," I said.

"No, really, have a glass of wine," he said.

I refused on the grounds that I was so hot and dehydrated alcohol really might make me vomit.

We decided to order a meat pie, the dish for which the restaurant had been named. (Yes, really, the restaurant was called Chechen Meat Pie. That should have been a sign right away.) The meat pie was exactly that -- a pile of unseasoned ground beef in between some really thick pie crusts. Thank god no marriage proposal was attempted over the worst dish we ate on the whole trip. It doesn't deserve to be enshrined in our memories that way.

The next morning, we arrived at the Hagia Sophia before it opened. We sat alone under a tree, contemplating this ancient building, and he pulled out a little box. He started telling me how he would never have imagined going to Istanbul, or seeing one of his favorite artistic treasures, if I hadn't come into his life...

..and then a street vendor shoved a bottle of water in our face. "Two lira?" he asked. I death glared him and he slunk away.

Poor fiance! He hadn't planned or scripted anything, he was horribly nervous, and he never quite got back on track. We have a pretty hilarious story though, and the important thing is that we are getting married!
Wonderful story! And the ring is beautiful. May you have many happy years together. That is just awesome!
Congratulations! It's a beautiful ring and a sweet, funny story.
Thank you! I am still a little sad I never got to hear the rest of his proposal, but also kind of happy that we have such a unique story :)
Thank you! I'm still a little sad that I didn't get to hear his whole proposal, but I'm also secretly pleased that we have such a unique story :)
Ha! Congratulations! And look, if you can survive 35 days of traveling together, marriage should be a breeze ;)
Heh, people have been saying that to me a lot. In the past, when I've taken long trips, I've stayed in youth hostels where I've met tons and tons of other people. Even when I just stayed in normal hotels, other solo travelers would always find me. Traveling as a couple was totally different - we barely met anyone, so we were just talking to each other for 35 days. I think we did get on each other's nerves by the end, but we were still getting along, which is pretty impressive!
Congratulations!! What a great story--and I agree with velvetmouse. A 35-day trip means long-term compatibility to me!

Hubby and I had a similar proposal story, in that it happened while traveling and we definitely had a false start due to our campsite being flooded. But he persevered and I'm glad yours did, too! ♥
Haha, yeah, I hadn't really thought about how long we were going to be together when I planned the trip. In the past, I've always met tons of other people because I stayed in youth hostels or because solo travelers somehow always find each other. Traveling as a couple is totally different - nobody talked to us! We were definitely ready for some alone time by the end of the trip, but we were still totally getting along, which I think is impressive!
Congrats! There is too much pressure to find the right moment..silly street vendors.
Yeah, I was really shocked that vendor interrupted like that. I mean, my bf wasn't down on one knee or anything, but the ring was pretty obviously there in between us... It's not like we were actually going to buy the water right at that minute!
Yeah, I'm actually pretty pleased about the story even though I'm still a little bummed I didn't get to hear the whole proposal. At least our engagement story is unique!