avengers: natasha rolling hating


Jetlagged and awake at 4 a.m.

Surprisingly suntanned.

Missing Greece already.

Car keys are missing. My last memory is putting them some place very, very safe, some place I'd be sure to find them when I come home. I should have just thrown them on the bedroom floor. I throw a surprising amount of shit there, and somehow I never lose any of it.

None of the overhead lights in the house are working at the moment, so going to the bathroom at night is an adventure. Electrician coming soon.

Clint and Natasha members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Natasha wants a hug

Clint and Natasha showing each other their favorite places.

Because writing fanfic is clearly what I need to be doing right now.
Greece! Ugh, still so jealous! You came back just a few weeks before I leave for my trip! I'm so excited! I've missed Europe!