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Friday Rec Day: 1 Elementary, 3 Star Trek

Not Tonight, Josephine: A Duet by paperclip_bitch - Moriarty/Sherlock, Joan
An absolutely beautiful imagining of what makes Moriarty tick, with a delightfully plausible Holmes voice too. All the spoilers for the season finale.

Star Trek
Blow This Soul Right Through the Roof by framlingem - Carol Marcus, gen
The Carol Marcus back story I was craving. A beautiful portrait of what influences her, and how she decides to use that influence later in her life. Mild spoilers.

the little rush you get (2298 words) by bozothemoose - Kirk/McCoy
We all know this is not my favorite ship, but the characterization here is really too good to be misssed. I love McCoy's development into a functional human being, and Kirk's longing to follow him. Big spoilers.

Jim Kirk and the Mystery of Christine Chapel (525 words) by HSavinien - Kirk, McCoy, Off-screen Chapel
My favorite explanation yet for a certain infamous line about Chapel in the new movie. Mild spoilers.
Thanks for the recs. I'll have to save the Trek fic for after I've seen the movie, but I'll hop over to read the Elementary fic tomorrow morning.
Thanks for the rec! (but, er, you forgot part of the title. I know it's a mile long. Blame Pink Floyd.)