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Ficlet: Being Easy Isn't Easy (Gaila, Uhura)

I seem to have an addiction to the where_no_woman drabble fest...

Title: Being Easy Isn't Easy
Author: igrockspock
Characters: Gaila, Uhura
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Being easy isn't easy, but it sure is fun.

Nyota perches on the edge of her bed. Her long legs are exposed by a leather mini-skirt and wavy black hair flows over her shoulders. She is packing a tiny evening clutch with lip gloss and a single condom, and while she's distracted, Gaila takes a minute to appreciate the view. Nyota snaps the bag shut with a decisive click and looks up at her roommate, high heels tapping impatiently.

"Ready yet?"

"No," Gaila sighs, sliding a metallic tote out from under the bed. Getting ready to go out is easy; she never wears many clothes anyway, and she's been doing smoky eyes since she was eleven. Packing the bag is the hard part.

She starts with condoms, a value pack of the good kind that automatically expand and contract to fit the male appendages of 51 different species. Orions are immune to most STIs -- the species would have died out long ago if they weren't -- but when your major hobby is having non-monogamous sex with members of as many species as possible, it pays to be cautious. Besides, not everyone carries a certified copy of their latest STI screening results the way she does. That's on her sex mini-PADD, which she tucks into the bag only after checking that she uploaded the latest list of species anatomically compatible with Orions. Reading that reminds her to pack her bionic strap-on and some extra toys in case she picks up someone who doesn't have the right equipment to fuck her. Those go into bag carefully packed in foam rubber, even though it makes them take up twice as much space. Next, she adds the mini-holo projector, already loaded with a tape of the new positions she wants to try. Some of those will require lube and a harness, so she packs a big bottle and an impressive array of straps.

"How many of those do you really need?" Nyota asks, eying the long strips of leather.

"Never know," Gaila says, shrugging her shoulders. "Not everyone has two arms and two legs like you." As an afterthought, she adds, "Can I borrow your holocam?"

"Will you sterilize it before you give it back?"

She smiles brightly. "Of course."

"And you solemnly swear that you will not ever, ever make me watch what you tape? Or even tell me about it?"

"If you insist."

When the bag is fully packed, she hefts it over her shoulder with a little groan. It clinks with every step.

"Being easy isn't easy," she mutters, "but it sure is fun."
Ahh! I seriously just squealed with delight when I finished this. I completely love your Gaila. So prepared and optimistic and ready to get the job done.

And these prompts are fantastic!
*slowly growing golf claps*

On behalf of anyone who's ever had to pack for sex, I salute you, Gaila.
Hee! I'm not sure I've ever had to pack more than condoms and some spare underwear, but I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)
Soldiers carry gunny sacks, Gaila carries a gyno sack.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Ahah, the last line! What a fitting summary. It was so enjoyable to watch them bond over that. Gaila is very, very well-prepared. *is impressed*
HAHAHAHAA! Brilliant, as usual. Our girl comes prepared, always.

Like a boy scout. *G*
I'm so glad/flattered you remembered that line! I was totally thinking of it when I wrote this story :)
That's got to be one of my all time favorite lines in a Gaila story. Which isn't really surprising, since you write my favorite Gaila stories as well. *G*
*cackles* XD Too perfect. I love the stark difference between what Uhura and Gaila pack. :p
I love your Gaila, and I love this. Her sex mini-PADD! Such a great idea.