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A little help from my friends

I want to write a Star Trek reaction post, but I'm going to wait until LJ is behaving normally again. Until then, I have some questions.

I made some promo graphics for where_no_woman, but I need some help to figure out how to use them. Right now, they live in my photobucket, so if I post them somewhere and people click on them, they will be taken back to my photobucket page. I'd much rather that clicking on photos leads people to where_no_woman instead. How does one accomplish that?

Second, I've noticed that some LJ entries contain little boxes filled with HTML which other people can copy and paste into their journals/comments to make a nicely formatted friending meme, or to post a promo picture that leads back to the comm. How does one make those little boxes?

I can't help with the Photo Bucket stuff, but to make the text boxes, use the following:

[textarea] insert your text here [/textarea]

But instead of square brackets, use angled one: < >
Argh okay LJ is being a butt, I will send you a private message.

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There's a html guide for lj here, also has handy stuff in the comments. How to do one of the little boxes is on there. For an image that links back to a comm rather than photobucket you want to combine the code for an image and the code for a link so it would be A link to this comm would look like [a href="INSERT HTTP WEB ADDRESS HERE"][img sec="DIRECT LINK TO IMAGE HERE" /][/a] with < > brackets instead of square ones. Hope that helps :)