Ficlet: Count the Stars (Number One)

Title: Count the Stars
Author: igrockspock
Character: Number One
Rating: PG
Notes: for "guess where I'm tattooed" on the latest round of drabble prompts at where_no_woman

Two years and eleven days into her command, a band of seventeen tiny stars encircles her left thigh. Three are blue, five are gold, and nine are red. They joke about it down in operations - the red shirt's always the first to die, maybe you should pick up a blue tunic from ship's stores before the away mission. But it's true. Security's always the first on the ground. Security's always taking the hits meant for her. Each of the stars has a name: McAdams, Chang, Seekins, Kal-bevek... She remembers the date too, and the story, what she said to their husbands and wives and parents and children on recorded subspace transmissions. She hates that the ship is always too far out for a live feed.

Seekins would've had a crass joke or two about finally being on her thigh -- not that he ever would have said such a thing to her face. He has a point though, or he would if he could still speak. The location is more sensuous than she would have liked. But she'd wanted some place she could see. Some place she would have to see, really. And some place nobody else could see, unless she showed them.

"You know," Chris says, running a finger over the stars, "if you had one of these for every life you saved, your whole damn body would be covered."
Oh, this is lovely. The detail you build into such a small piece is just amazing. So, so good.
Give her another star, because this killed me dead.

I just love Number One fic, and you're so damn good at it, and also Piiiiike. <3 <3 <3
I am falling in love with Number One thanks to taraljc. I'm so glad you liked this one! I'm hoping a bunny for a full length fic about her finds me soon because I really enjoy writing her.
Thanks! I got your message about the pike/number one comm and I will certainly post it there...but you might need to poke me again after this weekend? I am on my way to Dallas in about 2 minutes, and i'm not sure I'll remember when I get back.
Oh wow.

Reminds me of the stars that mothers put in their windows when their sons died in WWII. ._.
What an interesting comparison! I don't picture Number One as maternal at all, but even though I doubt she thinks of herself as the crew's mother, she is kind of in that role.
Thank you! It's always such a compliment when someone thinks a story is worth saving and coming back to :)