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Iron Man 3 Reaction Post

The line for the drive-in was five blocks long last night, and an angry traffic cop almost steered us into the Gatsby line, but we made it to IM3 anyway. A drive-in movie theater is a fabulous venue for that film, by the way. I cannot wait to take a picnic there and see Star Trek.

Overall: a thoroughly absorbing film. I enjoyed seeing Tony without all his tricks. It was like a bizarre -- and entertaining -- combination of Die Hard and Home Alone. I never got bored, even during the action scenes, and I really wasn't sure how the characters were going to solve their problems. I think those are the marks of a good film.

Pepper: Pepper's story is the only part of the film that really pissed me off. The writers were so clearly laboring under that bizarre Hollywood delusion that established relationships can't be interesting, so first they sidelined her and then they turned her into the damsel in distress. The previous two installments showed so much more chemistry between Tony and Pepper. Where was all the witty banter? And yeah, she got to do something cool in the end, but that felt like some shallow attempt to make up for the fact that she wasn't in the story much before. And Tony "fixed" her? Please. I thought I was getting Pepper with superpowers, which she might or might not choose to use in the future. The first moment they gave her any agency, they took it away from her. Boo.

The Mandarin: I really, really like the way they handled their terrorist arc. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I've always wondered if Osama Bin Laden was just a conveniently shadowy figure to channel public anger. This film played on that possibility well. Also, Ben Kingsley, so hilarious! I love seeing dramatic actors in comedic roles. I would seriously watch that part of the movie over and over and over again.

The bonus scene: EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Maybe the best thing in this whole entire movie. The whole time, I was thinking "WTF wtih this awkward voice over? To whom is Tony making this weird self-conscious confession?" And it was Bruce! And Bruce was bored of Tony talking about himself, as well he should be! And IT ALL MADE SENSE. Best bonus scene ever. Even better than shwarma.

Also, note to self: finish your damn Tony/Pepper story! Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Stick an ending on it. Call it done. People read -- and like -- slightly flawed stories all the time. Ten months is too long to let something nice live in your documents folder.
Oh, the Pepper stuff! I was so excited for her in this film, and she was getting scenes by herself for the first hour-ish? And as soon as she was taken hostage they more or less stopped giving her any screentime and we ceased to get her perspective, which I hated and found extremely bizarre. The same with the blithe "oh yeah, I fixed Pepper too" voiceover at the end, which was both extremely lazy and not detailed enough to tell me whether they removed extremis or stablised it??
So jealous of the drive-in experience! We used to go to drive-ins all the time as a kid, but they are hard to find now.

Agree with all of the above--loved the Mandarin (the boy was disappointed though) and was not impressed with damsel!Pepper. Bruce was also adorable at the end. :)

Yay summer movie time!
I am firmly of the opinion that "fixed" in this context means "made it so she's not at risk of blowing up anymore", and nothing else. (Really, how would you remove a complete nanotech infection, anyway? Deactivate it? Why bother, if that little note on the back of that old nametag shows he has a pretty good idea how to make it work as intended?)

... And further considering (a) what I hear of the comics arc this came from, and (b) Tony's surgery, after which suddenly his chest seems as repaired as new after having that enormous hole in it, I'm also of the opinion that after "fixed" he went straight to "upgraded himself" as well. Which could spawn all sorts of interesting plot bunnies.
I am firmly of the opinion that "fixed" in this context means "made it so she's not at risk of blowing up anymore", and nothing else.

Was coming here to say this. The implication I saw was that Tony knows how to stabilise Extremis, and that's what he did to Pepper. And I will believe this until it gets jossed, and then after that because I just like it much better.
Ditto - I hate the idea that "fixed" means "oh don't worry she's normal again!" I want badass nanotech Pepper!