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Fic: Stay (Spock/Uhura - Adult)

Title: Stay
Author: igrockspock
Fandom: Star Trek reboot
Pairing/character: Spock/Uhura
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of these characters

Summary: Spock and Uhura, alone for the first time after the destruction of Vulcan.

She stands in the doorway of his quarters. His eyes are hollow, his shoulders slumped. Everything in his body looks weary. He stands closer to her than he normally does, and she looks up at him, wondering if she should ask him again to tell her what he needs. But the conversation on the turbolift -- the last time they were alone together since the destruction of Vulcan -- is already hanging in the air between them.

He shifts his weight so that his body is a fraction of an inch closer to hers. "I need you to stay," he says.

She leans against him and he presses his hand to the small of her back, pulling her close. They stand this way for what feels like hours, locked together like statues. When she finally tilts her head up, he bends his down to kiss her on the lips. His kisses are slow, tentative, exploratory, but it's the first time he's ever done more than let himself be kissed. When he cups her head in his hand and pulls her mouth closer to his, she cannot help but dig her fingers into his hip. If it bothers him, he gives no sign, not even one of the tiny, nearly imperceptible ones she has become so adept at reading. Instead, he presses his hand more firmly into the small of her back and guides her to the couch without breaking their kiss. She doesn't even think before she folds herself into his lap. His kisses are less tentative now, and she lets her body melt into his, every muscle collapsing with the relief that they are both alive and here together. Still, they have not stopped kissing, and his hand is sliding slowly from the small of her back and over her hip, stopping so that her breast barely rests on the top of his hand. Even though she is trying to let him take the lead, when he pulls out her hairband and lets her hair cascade around his face, she kisses him back harder than ever before. Then, in one fluid motion, she is lying on her back and Spock is on top of her. His hand is really cupping her breast now, and there is a moment of stillness where she can feel the decision hanging in the air: how far he will let this go, how much control he will surrender to this moment. For one second more, his thumb hovers millimeters below her nipple, and then with surprising firmness, he begins to slide it back and forth over her breast.

Her hands still dangle at her sides, and when she moves them, it is only to sink them into the familiar territory of his hair. This is about her, she knows. He is letting himself be absorbed by her body, letting his pain get lost in her pleasure. He isn't ready to lose so much control of his own body yet, and she will respect that. Even now, when he is dragging his thumb over her nipple faster and faster, his measured, even exhalations growing faster in her ear. Then he squeezes her nipple, and without meaning to, she arches her back to press her breasts against his chest. Her legs part just a little, and he sinks deeper between them, letting her feel how hard his cock has grown. She bucks against him, losing control, and he pulls back from her mouth.

"You have been so patient with me, Nyota," he says, and she can see from the rapid rise and fall of his chest that he has allowed himself to lose some of his perfect physical self-control. But his voice is still steady when he leans in closer to her, resting his forehead on hers, and whispers, "I want...to please you. May I please you?" The pause in the middle of the sentence, his emphasis on the word 'please' make the meaning obvious. His mouth hangs above hers, lips slightly parted. She pictures herself whispering "yes" into his open lips, but the words don't come. His hand resting on her thigh, just above her knee, is too distracting. Instead, she gasps against his neck and opens her legs a fraction of an inch wider so his fingers can coast along the edge of her white cotton panties. She gasps again the first time they brush against her wet flesh, and he leans in closer. He is still looking into her eyes, and for a second, she thinks she sees conflict inside them.

Not now, she thinks, please not now. His hand is still there, just inside her panties, his fingers resting motionless against her clit. She steels himself for him to pull back, and for her to be okay with it.

Instead, he moves his head closer to hers and says, "I have not been in the appropriate frame of mind to research human female anatomy." She wonders if he can hear her smile against his ear. His fingers glide gently over her clit. "Please tell me how to please you."

She kisses him again without answering, bucking her hips to force his fingers down between her lips. His thumb presses against her opening, and she sucks on his earlobe to let him know he's doing something right. His thumb rubs agonizingly slow circles, pressing a little deeper inside each time.

"Is this correct?" he asks, mouth close to her ear.

"Faster," she whispers, kissing him hard. "Deeper."

Two of his fingers are thrusting inside her now, and each time they slide over the right spot, she gasps a little louder and squeezes them a little harder. He doesn't ask questions now; he can use logic to deduce that the sound of her voice and the expressions on her face mean he's doing the right thing. When he begins swiping his thumb rhythmically over her clit, she loses her control. Her back arches, and she squeezes his hips between her thighs. She could come right now, but she doesn't want to. She wants this to last, to feel his breath in her ear and his body so close to hers for as long as she can. For the first time, she opens her eyes. She expects his eyes to be closed, or for him to look away, but instead he is staring at her. His eyes sweep from hers, down to his hand between her legs, over her breasts and back up to her eyes. She clenches herself around his fingers as hard as she can. His breath hitches, almost imperceptibly, and he thrusts his fingers inside her deeper and harder. Then she can't wait any longer, and she closes her eyes and lets him watch her come.
oh this was so nice and hot and intense. thank you.

he begins to slide it back and forth over her breast.

and may i add: TORTURE!!! lol
Holy moly, this is fantastic! I was panting over here in my cubicle...I love this sooooo much. The way she opens her eyes, he is looking at her, and then down at his hand *gah* the visual is just beautifully stunning.
I can't believe how many people read this at work! I'd be terrified. But I'm glad you liked it :)
You know, this is so intensely erotic just because he so absolutely keeps himself back, and because his only purpose is to please her. Cleverly done. *applauds*

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That was just so wonderfully erotic. Amazing job. I usually try not to beg but... MORE? PLEASE?
No worries! I am full of porn and school is out for the summer. I'm sure a couple of the things I'm working on will be done soon.
::Nose shooting blood::
What??? And what happens next? OMG, that was hott!!! Please, write more!!!
Re: ::Nose shooting blood::
I rather imagined that was the end. I think that's as much as Spock is comfortable with. For now anyway. *wicked grin*
Luckily, I cannot access LJ at work, or this would have rendered me completely unproductive. I did, however, get word from a friend that this would be waiting when I got home. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to, and even for exceeding my expectations! This was wonderful!
I'm really pleased someone thought this worth recommending and that you thought it was worth the wait :)