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The AO3 Hit Meme

Breaking my radio silence because I have been looking forward to this meme for an entire year. My life, so exciting.

1. Congratulations on an Excellent Kill - Clint, Natasha
In which Natasha discovers that Hallmark does not, in fact, make greeting cards for every occasion. 3015 hits.

2. Someone I Used to Know - Pepper/Tony
Pepper doesn't talk about her home or family much, but that doesn't mean Tony doesn't know about them. 2566 hits.

3. Six Cities That Are Not Budapest - Clint/Natasha (or Clint-and-Natasha, whichever you prefer)
In which Clint and Natasha try to figure out what normal people do on vacation, with varying degrees of success. 2395 hits.

4. Logic Demands That You Take Off That Ridiculous Hat, Get Naked, and Come to Bed - Amanda/Sarek
When people ask how he met his wife, he says they exchanged cultural information at a diplomatic event. He does not mention that she beat him at logic (twice), or that afterward, they took off their clothes. 1669 hits.

5. A Velociraptor-Free Workplace - Kirk, Rand
There are no velociraptors on Federation starships. At least, there aren't supposed to be. 1478 hits.

6. You're Gonna Make It After All - Gaila, Uhura, Spock
Two indecent exposure citations, one best friend, one amazing sex partner, one unexpected mentor, and a Starfleet-funded study of intercultural sexual norms. Sounds like a normal academic year for Gaila. 1473 hits.

7. The December War - Sherlock/John
Sherlock's never been good at Christmas. 1436 hits.

8. A Profound Coming Loose - Amanda/Sarek
Amanda's ready for sex. Sarek isn't. 1306 hits.

9. Social Networking - Peggy/Steve
In a world of nine billion people, Steve isn't sure if it's even possible to track down the one who matters. 1189 hits.

10. There Is Joy in Repetition (But Sometimes You Have to Break Routine - Chapel, Kirk
When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are critically injured in a Romulan ambush, Chapel must defend sickbay from Romulan intruders. 1155 hits.

This is an almost totally different list from last year's. Last year, I had no stories with more than 1000 hits. This year, I have more than 10 stories with a 1000+ hits. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'll take it. Overall, I think this list represents me well as an author. The snark is pretty popular, but there's some drama and characterization too. At least one story from every fandom is on the list, except for HP, but I don't think HP fandom reads on AO3 much. In the past, I've felt that my top ten list was pretty random, but this year, I could say, 'if you want to know me as an author, read these stories.'

In other news, I have finally decided to like Dr. Who. I am halfway through series five and hoping Rory will die and stay dead. I've already been trolling for Eleven/Amy fics, but there aren't as many as I thought there might be.

Less than a month till new Star Trek!!!!! Also, I should probably try to post my Tony/Pepper story before IM3 comes out next weekend.

Any low-pressure fannish events going on? I feel the urge to write, but nothing that will involve pleasing a recipient or slaving over a story for weeks and weeks.
Aw, thank you for the offer, bb! I actually filled a request over at the Rare Women Ficathon before I even saw this post. I will definitely check out your comm for future challenges though - it sounds neat!
Oh, a Rare Women Ficathon sounds pretty awesome, too! ♥ I'll need to have a look at it myself. :-)

(And I'd be happy to see you over at great_tales any time, but no pressure, obviously. :-) )