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Things I will do this year

I keep looking at the fandom snowflake challenge and 'I'm going to do that!" Except that I never actually do. This whole job thing really cuts into my LJ time.

That said, I did really enjoy everyone's posts about what they want to accomplish this year. I have a list of stories I want to finish.

1. The Tony/Pepper story about how Tony was always there on the anniversary of Pepper's brother's death. I only need to finish one more scene!
2. The Bruce/Darcy story I started for Big Bang and never finished. I like it a lot! I'm just not sure I ever figured out how their relationship would work. I am not good at writing getting together stories.
3. The Scorpius and Rose story that I started for hp_holidaygen before I saw the NO WEASLEYS in my recipient's prompt. This story currently has no plot whatsoever. I need to find one ASAP.

I also browsed my docs folder and found a couple other stories that have potential. One is a Steve/Natasha pretending to be married story, and the other one is about how Sally doesn't feel guilty for starting the investigation into Sherlock at the end of series 2. That story also does not have a plot.

The thing I will not do this year: sign up for things. Except remix. I always sign up for remix. And maybe some holiday things at the end of the year. We'll see how I feel after I've had a good nine months off writing for deadlines.

I want to continue being a better steward of my health. Lately, a combination of schedule and medical issues have kept me out of the gym, and I want to get back as soon as I possibly can. My body feels gross and unused. Until I can start working out again, I want to continue managing my weight by monitoring my diet. I have decided on three goals:

1. Cook a whole grain dish or a vegetarian meal at least once a week
2. Make a healthy snack on Sunday that will last the rest of the week
3. Pack a bag every day with breakfast, two healthy snacks, and a filling lunch

#3 is very important to me. The lunch bag is really working for me because I have healthy food to choose when I am hungry at work, so I never hit the vending machines or stop at the convenience store. I did not eat a single piece of processed food this week. But the bag is also important because it makes sure I actually do eat. I have such a long history of anorexia and disordered eating, and a voice in my head still whispers that losing weight would be so easy if I just didn't eat snacks/lunch/dinner/food. Really, the bag comes with two rules: (1) You can go get more food any time you want...if you're still hungry after eating everything in the bag (2) Absolutely everything in the bag must be eaten before dinner. If I don't eat it all at school, I have to eat it when I come home. This week I have not had nearly as many problems with blood sugar crashes, and I think it's because I'm eating enough food on a regular schedule.

What do you want to do this year?
This looks like a stellar fannish and non-fannish plan! I hope you have success in the job department, too.

This year, I want to write original fic and try to publish it. I've been thinking about it for years and haven't done it a) since college and b) since fandom. But it's so hard when all these lovely characters are already here for me!