avengers: natasha rolling hating

Can I blame one of you for this?

I just found an almost-finished fic in my docs folder in which Natasha does not understand greeting cards but tries to give them anyway. Of course, Hallmark does not really carry greeting cards for the occasions SHIELD agents might encounter, so she makes some of her own, which are kind of disturbing. Did any of you leave this as a prompt somewhere? Like maybe at be_compromised? I mean, if it's your story, I want you to give it to you, but mostly I want to know if this bizarre idea came out of my brain or yours.
*raises hand* I left a prompt along these lines at the be_compromised promptathon...*rumages around*... here, so you can blame my brain for it if you like lol. AND you can add it to the promptathon collection, on AO3 and/or the comm *is bouncy about more promptathon fics*.

Oh my gosh, I am prepared to laugh my head off at this delightful amusing thing :D