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Holy shit!

Holy fucking shit! How is that not the Wrath of Khan?! John Harrison, my ass! In the same movie as Carol Marcus? I don't fucking think so. And did you see the last image? Kirk touching Spock's fingers through the window?! I don't want Spock to die! I still haven't recovered from the original end of Wrath of Khan, and I saw it, like, 17 years ago.

The trailer is here if you want to watch it and exclaim with me.

How is my whole flist not aflutter?

OMG my fandom is coming back!!!!!!!!!
Haha, yes! I continue to hope it's not Khan, though. I'm really, really looking forward to seeing a Trek film with a darker atmosphere. Yay! When is it May?! :D
It's May 17 here in the States. I don't know if it's different for Europe.

I would prefer to have a different storyline than Khan, but the previews look so good I'll take it either way!
It's May 16 here in Germany (another day earlier in Norway) but that still feels a long way off! Hopefully, there'll be another trailer rather than the 10398 interviews they've been giving lately... :P
I really, really don't want it to be TWoK, for a long list of reasons. LJ appears largely to be confined to a few fics written around the various trailers, but there's a lot of discussion going on over at Tumblr (or there was when the trailer first came out, as well as the nine minutes you get before IMAX Hobbit, which is also available on the internet now, of course).
I guess it's all one big tease. I noticed that some of the stills they've released are supposed to take place on Qonos, and that definitely wasn't in TWoK. I suppose we'll find out in May!

Hm, I wonder if I should get a tumblr...They have an iPad app now, which might make for easier browsing.
OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!! (also hi, I have not been on LJ in literally 2 years but the trailer has dragged me back from the dead)

I really don't want it to be WoK, really really. Largely because I don't want Spock to die, but also because I just want it to be a movie I haven't seen before, you know? I saw some speculation based on the trailer and the 9 minute preview that suggested Spock appears to "die" early in the film (and maybe even has a funeral) but then later on he appears to be kicking ass and taking names to catch the Cumbervillian.

Anyway...there's way too long to wait before we get any resolution. Pout.
I wonder if Spock's early, fake death is a shout-out to TWoK...

I don't really want it to be Khan either, but the previews are so exciting I'd take it either way! I'm wondering if they intend to include elements from Khan in an original story line. I can't really figure out how they would reboot the whole Khan story since I can't see any reason why Khan would have a vendetta against Kirk for this film...
I'm still hoping it's going to be Gary Mitchell. That sounds like a good character known from TOS. I really don't want a WoK repeat, and I don't think JA will give us one.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see. They are certainly doing a good job building suspense!