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An end of the year meme

Ugh. My boyfriend's aunt gave us the gift of food poisoning via leftover Christmas ham. Yesterday was terrible. Today I think I will be okay so long as I move very slowly and consume nothing but water and pretzels.

Here, have the first line of the first story I posted in each month of the year.

January: Sherlock Holmes did not celebrate Christmas; he hid from it. (The December War - Sherlock/John)

February: Faith crossed her arms over her chest and glared at Buffy, trying not to look like she was mentally pricing all the furniture in the Summers' living room. (Tell Me a Story - Faith, Dawn)

March: Narcissa Malfoy is faithful: to family, to blood, to the Dark Lord, to her husband. (Variation on a One-Night Stand - Narcissa/Snape)

April: Anthea deposited the small blue box on Mr. Holmes' desk. (The Things They Say About My Brother (After the Fall Overdub) - Mycroft, Anthea)

May: "I'm cold,"Sherlock said. (
Two To Tango (The Cold Hands, Warm Heart Remix) - Sherlock/John)

June: Percy combed the last canary feathers out of his hair and counted the number of days until he could return to Hogwarts. (
What Pride Doesn't Know - Oliver/Percy)

July: Being dead was dreadfully boring and terribly low class. (A Mutually Beneficial Arragement - Sherlock, Irene)

August: Severus took an extra sandwich from the lunch table every day. Five People Who Insisted on Being Friends with Severus Snape - Snape, Various)

September: Gaila arrives at Starfleet Academy three months early with half an engineering toolset, the clothes on her back, and forty-seven credits. (
New Life and New Civilizations - Gaila/Spock)

October: Writing mojo MIA

November: modem broke, furnace broke, health scare

December: Steve eats his shawarma in two bites. (Old Dogs and New Tricks - Maria/Steve)

I think write better opening paragraphs than opening lines...