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Who has a fandom stocking?

Comment with a link! Don't be shy! It's been too long since I've written anything, and I'd rather write for my friends than some stranger in an anonymous exchange.

Eligible fandoms: Avengers, Buffy, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Star Trek

I'm probably going to have to take a couple weeks off work in January for health issue (benign, luckily), so even if I can't fill anything over the holidays, I'd like to have some prompts stockpiled.
I've got a stocking, put in just under the wire, here. Do you have one? I'm hoping to get a few ficlets written during the post-Christmas week!
Yeah, I was going to say: I did already write you one story this season but if you have a stocking I might write another. :) (Or throw a prompt at me. Either.)
Mine is here! I love Avengers team-as-family or Avengers-ladies-being-badass fic immensely.

Do you have one up too?