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End of the Year Fic List

Hello, fandom! Nice to see you again. In the last month, my modem broke, my furnace broke, and I had some medical drama, all of which conspired to keep me away from LJ for over a month. Also, I think I broke my muse by signing up for too many things. I am tired of writing on deadlines!

Anyway, onward to the list of things I wrote this year...

Old Dogs and New Tricks (2152 words) by igrockspock - Maria/Steve - Steve comes to an important realization: he's alive. That's not an opportunity he should waste.

That One Where They Both Have Amnesia (1345 words) by igrockspock - Nick Fury/Maria Hill - The day after the alien apocalypse, Nick and Maria only have one problem: they can't remember anything.

Six Cities That Are Not Budapest (2356 words) by igrockspock - Clint/Natasha (or friendship, if you prefer) - Clint and Natasha try to figure out what normal people do on vacation, with varying degrees of success.

Someone I Used to Know (1842 words) by igrockspock - Tony/Pepper - Pepper doesn't talk about her past much, but that doesn't mean Tony doesn't know about it.

Social Networking (834 words) by igrockspock - Steve/Peggy - In a world of nine billion people, Steve wonders if it's even possible to track down the one who matters.

Extraordinary (It's Not the Years, It's the Mileage Remix) (2174 words) by igrockspock - Xander/Dawn - Sunnydale might be a hole in the ground, but when Xander sees Dawn, he feels like he's come home.

Tell Me a Story (1376 words) by igrockspock - Faith, Dawn - Faith could figure out this big sister thing if she got a chance. Not that she wants one. Not that she wants anything Buffy has.

Harry Potter
Five People Who Insisted on Being Friends with Severus Snape, Whether He Liked It or Not (3566 words) by igrockspock</strong> - Severus Snape, Andromeda Black, Lily Evans, Narcissa Malfoy, Minverva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore - Severus has always preferred to work alone, but occasionally teamwork has advantages.

The Bucket List of One Hermione Granger (4271 words) by igrockspock - Hermione - After the war, Hermione chooses a future.

What Pride Doesn't Know (3716 words) by igrockspock - Percy/Oliver - How Percy Weasley came to dance with Oliver Wood at Ginny's wedding is a long story, and Percy might have forgotten to tell his family a few parts of it. Like how he's gay, and in a relationship with a man.

Better Awkward Than Pretty (The Jealous Little Sister Remix) (1047 words) by igrockspock - Narcisssa, Andromeda, Bellatrix - No one would ever think awkward Andromeda Black has anything to envy. They're wrong.

Variation on a One-Night Stand (1640 words) by igrockspock - Narcissa/Snape - Shortly after the events of HBP, Narcissa comes to Snape looking for a one night stand but finds something else instead.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles (7069 words) by igrockspock - Luna, Snape - After the war, Luna makes two surprising discoveries: her father tried to give Harry to Voldemort, and Severus Snape is still alive.

A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement (1865 words) by igrockspock - Sherlock, Irene - Irene has something Sherlock wants. Sherlock has something Irene wants. Maybe they can reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Two To Tango (The Cold Hands, Warm Heart Remix) (1207 words) by igrockspock - Sherlock/John - When John is wounded in a chase, Sherlock refuses to leave his side.

The Things They Say About My Brother (After the Fall Overdub) (1356 words) by igrockspock - Mycroft, Anthea - Being there for Mycroft Holmes isn't easy. That doesn't mean Anthea won't try.

A Most Uncomfortable Parallel (4188 words) by igrockspock - Sherlock, John, Harry Watson - Sherlock Holmes has more in common with Harriet Watson than he'd like to admit.

The December War (3962 words) by igrockspock - Sherlock/John - Sherlock's never been good at Christmas.

Star Trek
New Life and New Civilizations (4681 words) by igrockspock - Gaila/Spock - When Gaila arrives at Starfleet Academy ahead of schedule, she finds solace in a surprising source: a Vulcan commander.

Cold Shot (Indecision, Revision, But No Reversal Remix) (1487 words) by igrockspock - Pike/One -
The trouble with loving your captain is that sometimes you have to shoot him.

Once Upon a Time (4185 words) by igrockspock - Gaila, Chapel, Uhura - Privacy and fairy tales are two concepts that don't translate well into Orion.
Ohh, I'd forgotten you were the one to turn my cheery first fic into a heartbreaker. Mind if I put a link to it up?
Aw, thanks for this! I gobbled up your Sherlock list first, but I'll come back for more.

I'm sorry you've been unwell; it makes things hard. Hang in there, and happy holidays!