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My writing mojo is MIA...

...and I don't really care, except that I have three outstanding assignments, one of which is due in two weeks. I just can't seem to make myself interested in writing. I still like reading my flist. I still like to read stories, although most of my fandoms seem pretty quiet of late. But I have not even been able to bring myself to re-read my WIPs in several weeks, much less add to them. Maybe I burned myself out on all the fests and exchanges I did this year. Or maybe it's just time to play with a new hobby for a little while.

This year, work sucks, which is unfortunate because I have lovely students and I would like to enjoy them. Unfortunately, I do not have lovely administrators. My new direct supervisor is particularly hideous. She micro-manages, makes petty comments on people's evaluations, and makes snide comments and then pretending they are jokes. I am trying to remind myself that I have a relationship with my workplace, and relationships go through rough patches sometimes. I have soldiered on through fights with friends, tumult with my family, and near break-ups with my boyfriend, and I am grateful I did not give up on any of those relationships too easily. I was patient, and with a little time and energy, those problems resolved themselves. That's probably what I need to do with my job, but I still catch myself feeling more anxious and angry than I would like. I just had a lovely four-day weekend, but I am absolutely not ready to go back to school tomorrow. I wish I could have a whole week off!

I was actually not expecting to like the show at all. The clips didn't really grab me, and Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock is so iconic that I questioned whether I could like anyone else's. My boyfriend and I watched the first episode on streaming because we were bored, and we were both hooked instantly. I like how understated and human Holmes and Watson are. They aren't precisely normal, but they don't feel too far removed from real people I could know. A non-asshole Sherlock is a refreshing change, but it's Watson who's really grabbed me. I mean, no surprise - if there's a strong, slightly dysfunctional female character, I will instantly fall in love. Still, I'm pleasantly surprised by the depth and development they've given her character. I actually feel like I know more about her than I do Holmes, and I like that she has her own mysterious past. I love close friendships between unlikely combinations of characters, and I think this show will hit that kink quite well.

If anyone has any Elementary recs, I'd be all over them.
I really like Elementary, too, I think because JLM is such a stark contrast to Cumberbatch. I really like his compassion, his willingness to apologize, and his seeming interest in D/s. Which is not something I've ever had any interest in but to have a TV character treat those parts of himself as just that, as basically normal, is pretty cool.

And I love Joan--at first her reserve was a little off-putting but now I find her just as intriguing as Sherlock. Plus, I've been an Aidan Quinn fan since Desperately Seeking Susan. *swoon* I wish I had recs for you, but I haven't really gone look. My reading mojo is off, actually, rather than writing. I have no patience for fic right now, which is odd.

It sounds like you've got a good attitude about work. If there are parts that are bad, concentrate on the good ones. My attitude has been avoidance, of late. Stuck in the no-man's-land of post draft/pre-defense of my dissertation. I should be hunting for jobs like a mad woman but I'm not even really sure what kind of institution I want to work in. College would of course allow me the most flexibility, but I'm terrible at research and have no interest in that part of the game. You teach English at the high school level, yes? What kind of school? I would teach history, I suppose, or philosophy if I could get it. Ideally, a combination of the three, lol.
I have never been much good at filtering out the negative and focusing on the positive, but I am going to try. I do not need to be dwelling on so much negativity. I do teach high school English, mostly, though sometimes I think about switching to history just to escape my enormous grading pile. So. Many. Essays. I do have a little epistemology seminar, which is one of the perks at teaching at an academic magnet school with an international curriculum. I suppose my teaching assignment is not so far from your ideal combination :)
Work is always a pain. Well, not always. Usually. I've gone through my own trial by fire, and have basically detached and will head out the door if anything suitable presents itself. It has helped ratchet down the BS quotient.

I've not watched Elementary-- TV is busted. It's good to hear these good reports, though. Hang in there!