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Game of Thrones Season 1

The boy and I finished season one of Game of Thrones marathon-style last night. I am tired and emotionally drained, and still so in love. The show feels like a combination of all my favorite sci-fi and fantasy things all put together. It has the epic feel of Lord of the Rings (though I don't find the plots especially similar), plus an obvious Samwise Gamgee character. Arya's storyline is like my favorite female-protagonist YA novels wrapped into one. The Lannisters are the Malfoys; the Dothrakians are Klingons. And I keep having nightmares about White Walkers.

I still can't believe Ned Stark died. I mean, I can believe it - the forces closing around him were so obvious, and he was honorable to the point of sacrificing his self-preservation. Still, I loved him so much, and I feel like I'm going to miss seeing him in every episode. Rob Stark is not an especially interesting character, at least not right now.

And how much do I love Tyrion Lanister? His back story is amazing! I am so curious how his storyline turns out. On the one hand, his father appointing him Hand of the King means he's getting the approval he so obviously craves. On the other hand, I don't know if one appointment is enough to make up for the years of being overlooked and ill treated, plus I think he's pragmatic enough to switch sides if it were in his best interest.

Also, Denaerys Targarian - how awesome is she?! At first, I was heartbroken when the Khal died. I thought they had a cool relationship, and he was charming in a grunting He-Man sort of way. But, as much as I liked him, I was wondering how Denaerys would ever manage to rule in a realm of men. Her authority so obviously depended on her husband's, and eventually, she would have been eclipsed by her son. What happened to the Khal was a good resolution, I think. She's reborn at the end of the episode -- as herself.

I do really like the way they handle female characters on this show. Of course, it's not an evenly balanced cast, but I like how Arya, Catlyn, and Denaerys are all strong in different ways. They obviously live in male-dominated societies, but the show recognizes that they still have agency. Another thing I really enjoy is the complexity of the characters. The Starks are complicated but good and worth rooting for, but I have a hard time labeling anyone as "bad." I can see how even Geoffrey got the way he is, and I can't help but feel both sympathy and admiration for the queen.

If you spoil me for season 2, I'll have your head on a stick!

Does anyone have some older fanfic recs that wouldn't spoil me?
"I still can't believe Ned Stark died. I mean, I can believe it - the forces closing around him were so obvious, and he was honorable to the point of sacrificing his self-preservation." - Also, he's played by Sean Bean! That is a Clue. ;)

To be fair, though, I knew about the casting when I was reading the books, and it still took me by surprise. "They wouldn't. Would they? Nah. No way. Wait. WHAT."
*nod nod nod to all of this* :)

I haven't read the rest of the book series yet and can't help you on the fanfic, but I totally agree that the show is really well done. Have fun with season 2! And about Ned Stark -- omg I know! I never saw it coming, since it's like the first rule of storytelling, isn't it? You can't kill your protagonist! It would be like Harry dying in Philosopher's Stone, with 6 books still to come. LOL!

I've heard that this is (part of) the appeal of the whole series, though: the author set out to write something more like "history" than rules-by-the-book storytelling. In history, sometimes the good kings died unjustly, for instance. I guess that means no character is safe, though, so I approached every episode after that with my hands over my eyes! :)