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Link me to your sign-up posts

Every time I visit the sign-up post of some holiday fic exchange, I read through the other requests to see how my tastes align with other participants'. This year, I find myself thinking that most fests would be awesome if I were writing for one of you guys, and hideous and unendurable if I were not. Then I saw that be_compromised is allowing non-participants to write treats, and I thought I'd ask you guys to link me to your requests. Then I thought, who cares if every exchange is allowing treats - I can still write some stories for my friends' requests, and I can spare myself the anxiety of having to produce fic for strangers whose tastes differ drastically from my writing style. So, link me to your sign-up posts, people! I can write Avengers, Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Star Trek stories. I do genfic, het, and occasional femslash. I do slash only for Sherlock/John and a few HP rare pairs. I cannot promise to write for everyone, but I would like the chance to try. hp_holidaygen is going ot be my only official exchange this year, but I'd still like the opportunity to participate in some holiday fun, so don't be shy about linking me to your posts!
I don't think I'm signing up for any exchanges this year. Holiday exchanges always stress me out because I worry things will get too crazy and I won't be able to get them done. That said, I will probably do drabbly bits again, because I love them and they are a lot of fun for me and pretty low stress. I will post a sign up for those when I get back from my honeymoon.

So I don't have any sign up forms to link. :( But if you wanted to write me a treat, I do so love treats! Any Sulu het would be a delight for me. Rand, Chapel, Gaila, Uhura, even Winona if you could make that work. Or George/Winona or your-awesome-version-of-Sulu's mom/Sulu's dad. I also love Scotty/Gaila, especially being mechanical geniuses who thrive in times of chaos together and all the mutual respect for each others abilities and ... yeah. (totally optional prompts if you need something to get you started= Cinnamon sugar, sick bay at the holidays, I'll be home for Christmas)

Obviously, just if you are inspired and have time, but if you feel like writing something and any of the above speaks to you, then YAY! I would be absolutely thrilled.
My comment at the Secret Santa request post is here and I think that's the only exchange I'll be signing up for. I've gravitated more towards things like the bigbang set ups, where you drop out without consequences by a certain time, because I feel less pressure to stick around if I don't like what I'm writing or think I won't finish it, because it dropping out doesn't mean that anyone will miss out.

I loved the be_compromised promptathon where you can just write to whatever prompt you like and the Secret Santa treat idea, but I dove into the Secret Santa because I liked pretty much all the ideas going on there and I've got a request (and a requester) that I'm happy with. I also, as much as I would like to, doubt that I'd be able to write christmas fic for everyone that I would want to, so an exchange is a way of not having to chose. I think this year I'll do the rec list from the f-list idea again as well though :)

I think if you wanted to fill any promptathon prompts or do any treats for Secret Santa it would be appreciated :)
This is a really nice idea! Thank you! :-)

Here's the link to my holmestice sign-up: http://holmestice.livejournal.com/166975.html

I actually think I went slightly mad with that request (and I really hope my writer won't be too desperate reading it), but maybe you'll find something to inspire you. Though I feel a bit bad asking, since I've just received a magnificent holmestice gift from you last round! ♥