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(Brief) Revolution Reaction Post

The boy and I watched the first two episodes of Revolution last night. On the plus side, it contains many female characters in lead roles. And, um...yeah, I think that's all the pluses. I wanted to like it very badly, but the lead character is such a cloyingly sweet ingenue I can't stand her, and she's played by a pretty terrible actress to boot. The dialogue is awful too - lots of clunky one liners like "[insert villain name] wants me alive!"/"but he didn't say how many limbs!" I should know better than to try and watch network TV by now.

Are there any comment fic memes about? I'm in the mood to write, but my deadlines are all so far away. I'm in the mood for some instant gratification.
Oh man I hear you on the actress. The scene where she speaks to her uncle is brutal--terrible, terrible acting.

I thought it pretty blah so far. They'll have to do something spectacular to keep me watching.
Well it's an Eric Kripke show. And he did Supernatural, which 1) didn't know what to do with its ladies (even though I LOVE THEM) and 2) didn't figure out its writing or acting until the second season.

So, it might get better? But I wouldn't trust him with a lady character as far as I can spit.
I'm watching Revolution only on the understanding that it likely won't make it to season two. I have zero interest in the fifteen-years-later part of the storyline, and only the flashbacks to immediately after the power going out are holding my interest at the moment.

And yeah, while I love me a female protagonist, the main girl in this (I can't even remember her name) is just not a good enough actress to carry a show.
Ptssh, yeah. It's a bit of a disappointment.

It's got a female lead, a good writer, good budget, good locations, decent world building (if you handwave the magic EMP) but it's just not becoming anything. The lead character is a weird mix of wooden, naive and sullen. And her actress does her no favors.

I think if it does develop a fandom it'll be one of those one's like "The Sentinel" or "Golden Compass" when authors borrow the worldbuilding but use characters from other fandoms. (I'd like to see The Avengers in the Revolution world. Does Tony instantly die or is the arc reactor somehow immune and he just can't use the suit?)