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Things You Can Sign Up For

be_compromised, the Clint/Natasha comm, is hosting a holiday exchange with sign-ups starting September 20.

Harry Potter
hp_holidaygen for all my fellow genfic lovers. Sign-ups close tomorrow, so come join me soon!

Not in the mood for an exchange? rarepair_shorts has a prompt-and-claim trick-or-treat event. I'm not allowed to get a prompt until I've worked on my other obligations though...

221b_advent is doing an Advent calendar for December - basically, you sign up for a posting day and gift your story to the entire comm rather than an individual person.

I need to work on my avengersfest story before I sign up for anything else. Some of these look awfully tempting though...

I think I'm going to post my Rare Pair fic here tomorrow, whether the mods have de-anoned it or not. Reveals were scheduled for yesterday, and it looks like they completely forgot. Boo.
Yeah, I'm a little annoyed by the lack of reveals as well. I'd like to know who wrote my story, dangit!