hp: ravenclaws are vulcans

Rarepair Recs: 3 HP, 1 Avengers

First, I could not be more excited about the story I received!

After All This Time (6303 words) by Anonymous - Snape/Narcissa

It's my favorite rare pair plus my favorite tropes all rolled into one story. Narcissa and Severus strike up a tentative friendship at Hogwarts, bonding with Snape's sharp wit and Narcissa's scheming. Years later, that friendship develops into something more. Narcissa's POV is so sharp and precise, and I really loved the way Snape changed through the years. I can tell from the author's notes that my writer really stretched herself to work with this pairing, and I'm so touched she made the effort!

Now for the rest of the recs...

Harry Potter
Things That Were, Things That Are (3108 words) by Anonymous - Hermione/James Potter
This is one of the most original stories I've ever read. In an AU where Harry dies, Hermione uses her time turner to travel to 1977, where she hopes to set things right...and she does, although not in the way she expects. To say anymore would give the plot away, but if you only read one story from the fest, it should be this one.

them broken brights (1119 words) by Anonymous - Hermione/Luna
A bittersweet slice of Hermione trying to rebuild her life after the war and not quite knowing what to do with it. Read as friendship fic if you prefer.

Phil and Nick in Ten Pieces (3814 words) by Anonymous - Phil Coulson/Nick Fury
I am such a sucker for back stories, and this one, grounded in real events from history, is especially satisfying. Fury's POV is rock solid, and he and Coulson fit together in unexpected ways. Bonus points for covering a lot of territory in ten small vignettes.
Thank you for the recs! I greatly enjoyed the first two ones but especially the AU. :D