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This has nothing to do with fandom at all...

...but how do you decide if airfare is so good that you should book the ticket? I am staring at a $1210 ticket from the midwestern US to Istanbul, and it's hard to believe I'll do better than that, even though conventional wisdom says 10 months in advance is too early to book.
I just buy when I think it's an okay fare and never look at fares again until maybe 2 days before the flight. I can't handle the stress.
try looking on some travel forums; there are forums dedicated to finding cheap flights and I'm sure people there would be able to tell you if you can get better price. unfortunately the info I have is only about flights to/from ncentral/west Europe.

you could also try using Azuon (demo is available) an app that searches for the cheapest airfare, or - this site helps you to choose the airport from which it's the cheapest to fly in certain destination

Hm, I don't know because I too find that difficult but in general - if the price is cheaper than many that you have seen previously and is affordable for you, then I'd probably buy it and henceforth only look at hotel prices ;-)
Oh, man, that is the worst! I hate deciding when to book. :) I usually check Bing Travel's price predictor tool, which supposedly tells you whether the price will go up or down, but it's not available for all international itineraries so I'm betting you won't have luck with this one. I think has a fare history thing you can look at to see whether prices have been going up or down.

I honestly can't remember the last time I booked 10 months early -- I'm not that organized, so I'm usually booking a couple of months out at the most, LOL. That's a lot of time for the fare to potentially drop. But if you've been looking for a while and this is the lowest you've seen, and it's something you can afford, then I agree with the folks above -- buy it and then never look again. ;-)
I dunno where you are, but my coworker was claiming recently that he reckoned he could get to and from Istanbul for about $700 (edited to add - our nearest airport is midsized Midwest city). I'm going to and from Morocco (to a smaller city & more obscure airport than Istanbul) for about $1200, via Heathrow, with no promo pricing. So I'm not sure that sounds like an especially fantastic deal. It's probably worth thinking about the budget airlines that fly to Istanbul from Europe (which is what I did in the mid 2000s from London) and whether combining a cheap return to a big European airport with an Easyjet type flight to Istanbul and back would beat it.

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