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Oh look, another meme

Stolen from sugar_fey

Name: M.
Age: 30
Location: A small city in the midwestern United States
Profession: Primarily a high school English teacher, though I wear many hats at school.
Education: BA in English and political science
Sexual Orientation: Queer. My relationships with women tend to be more sexual than romantic, and I am in a relationship with a man right now, however, I have had a long-ish relationship with a woman.

Um, American beauty with a hint of trailer trash? It's kind of a mess. Honestly, my students are my family.

Mental Health: 
I dealt with depression and anorexia for many years, but I am currently very healthy.

FOOD. All the food. I like to cook it, eat it, read about it, and occasionally write about it. I also like photography and reading.

I am a feminist and do my best to advocate for women in fandom and in real life.

Also, from redbrunja:
Ask me a writing-related question in the comments. It can be about my writing or writing in general, whatever you want. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about characters, quirks, habits, opinions, favorites, difficulties, fandoms, inspirations, ficathons, challenges, specific stories. Ask whatever! I'll answer and, in return, I will ask you a question at least loosely connected to yours.
For meme 2: are there any pairings that you'd like to write but don't feel like you could get in character?
I've been thinking about this all weekend, and I couldn't come up with one. I am super, super picky about pairings, so maybe I only ever try to write the ones that appeal to me. I can almost never write pairing fic about anyone without writing genfic about them first though. This may be the root of my trouble with the Darcy/Bruce story I'm writing for Avengers BB.

How about you?
Tony/Pepper is a big one for me, actually. I would really, really like to write fic for them, but I just do not think that I get their banter right.