avengers: pepper

Recs: 5 Avengers, 2 Harry Potter, 1 Sherlock

I haven't done a rec post in ages! No wonder I have so many links cluttering up my Pinboard...

One hears clearly only with the heart (2380 words) by faviconkathierif_fic - Clint/Phil
This story has already been recced a lot, but htat's because it's worth reading. A fascinating examination of Clint's decision to sacrifice his hearing in the course of a mission, and how he slowly rebuilds his job and relationships around it.

Apophasis (4364 words) by faviconworkerbee73 - Clint/Natasha
One of the best explorations of Clint and Natasha's odd and off-kilter relationships I can remember reading. This story is absolutely drenched in atmosphere, and it feels so perfectly *them.*

break common laws in twos and threes (2650 words) by faviconetben - Tony/Pepper
After the end of IM2, Tony and Pepper figure out how to make their relationship work. A thoughtful, mature exploration of adult relationships with both Tony and Pepper perfectly in character.

Five Minutes (and all the minutes after that) (2626 words) by faviconthingswithteeth - Bruce/Darcy
A fun little bit of fluff in which Bruce slowly moves from being Darcy's fake boyfriend to being Darcy's real boyfriend.

Or Even Rearrange You (11116 words) by faviconlettered - Tony/Pepper
Set in the immediate aftermath of IM2, this is the best Tony/Pepper story I can remember reading. The sex is hot, hot, hot, but Tony and Pepper are two very real people making a very loaded decision to take their relationship to that place. A brilliant exploration of both of their characters.

Harry Potter
Rolling Downhill by mountainmoira - Draco, Luna, heed the warnings in the story header
During the events of Deathy Hallows, there's only one person Draco can talk with honestly: Luna Lovegood. This is a dark and twisted story, and Draco's past is particularly well imagined. The author doesn't hide Draco's cruelty here, but he still comes off as a vaguely sympathetic character. Luna is equally fascinating character, using her kindness to gain as much of an upper hand over Draco as she can.

The Quiet and the Dark by miss_morland - Remus Lupin, Madam Rosmerta
I love stories that explore queerness in the wizarding world, and this story is an excellent example. Remus and Rosmerta are drawn together after the war as they slowly realize they have a secret in common.

Answer the Time of Request (6920 words) by faviconachray - John/Sherlock
Some tropes in Sherlock fandom I never get tired of, and virgin!Sherlock is one of them. This time, John has no idea Sherlock is a virgin, which is an interesting spin on the scenario.
Ooo, some Pepper/Tony recs. Y'know, considering that that's the canon relationship in marvel movie 'verse I hadn't seen many Pepper/Tony fics around lately. Here's hoping Iron Man 3 sparks some off :)
So, while we're all doing it at tielan's journal, it occurs me that I may have failed to introduce myself after friending you? I honestly can't recall. So just in case: Hi! I'm Ca'rina. You already know, I suspect, that I'm also a fan of female characters and I expect it was the mutual interest in the Avengers that pushed to me add you, despite knowing your username for a while from Star Trek fandom.

(Also, gah, "Or Even Rearrange You" was seriously good. I got sucked into that one like nobody's business!)