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State of all the fannish things

I have had no time to work on my marvel_bang at all last week, which makes me sad because I love what I've written so far. The deadline isn't until September 7, but I really, really want to get a rough draft done before school starts in two weeks. I've written most of the meaty stuff, but now I need to go back and do all the cute Darcy/Bruce stuff, and that is so much hrader for me to write. I'm out of town this weekend (again) so I guess I will just have to put my nose to the grindstone next week.

Sherlock big bang is probably not going to get finished. I hate that because I loved my story idea so much, but two big bangs in two entirely different universes is just not something I can do in the same time frame. Actually, I think I might be done writing in Sherlock fandom. What I want to write is just not what people want to read. Hit counts and LJ comments are not the sole purpose of writing, but if I can write in a fandom where people do want to write what I read, why not? Avengers and Harry Potter it is then, with the occasional STXI story for nostalgia's sake.

I signed up for avengersfest even though I probably shouldn't have. I also started writing a story for deeply_horrible (a Snape fest) by accident. Claims haven't even started yet! The story is in my head though, and I can't shake it loose.

I can't believe I've already started to see info posts for holiday exchanges! I guess that time of year is almost here. I want to save a spot for hp_holidaygen - assuming it runs again, of course -- but other than that, I'm not really ready to think about it.

How are things in your neck of the woods?
Despite having finally gotten started on it, I too am thinking I may drop out of the Sherlock Big Bang. Just, eh. I don't think I'll stop writing Sherlock as long as I have friends in the fandom, because I like writing fic for friends, but my interest is definitely not there anymore. :/
Yeah, my interest in this fandom doesn't seem to stick around very long after the original broadcast. It looks like there may be an extension on the deadline, so I might see if inspiration returns before I officially drop out. If I don't finish, I don't think I'll be heartbroken though.
Oh, I hate to be whiny, but please don't stop writing in the Sherlock fandom! Pretty please? *puppy eyes* :-)

If there ever was a fandom that could need a bit more variety, it's Sherlock! And your contribution to that variety is really brilliant. And for the record: I LOVE your fics! :-)

Of course, if you're just not into that fandom anymore or aren't inspired for new fic, there's nothing you can do. But don't give up because not that many people may comment. Please?
Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am not sure what my future is with this fandom - it's fun, but it's also missing some of the components I usally enjoy in a fandom, like a big genfic comm and a large ensemble cast. In some of my other fandoms, people seem more drawn to minor characters and female characters, and I feel a strong pull to write where my tastes align with the fandom at large. That said, Ive never been good at staying away from exchanges and remixes and such, and it looks like there's going to be an extension on the big bang deadline, so I'll see what happens.
Aside from a whirlwind of traveling, I'm trying to whip into shape a Harry Potter/Tolkien fusion piece that I started for b2mem this past March. Andromeda, Bellatrix, and Narcissa Black, during the fall of Numenor. :) It's nice to feel writerly, I haven't posted any fic in ages (written, yes, but thanks to overly perfectionistic tweaking, posted, no).

eta: March. b2mem is in March. wtf, self.

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Those big bangs are hardcore! Stupid life! Always getting in the way! *shakes fist*
I'm not sure if I should sign up for avengersfest, either, but other than that, everything has been stopped dead since Big Thing for [DayJob] last week. On the other hand, I've read four actual paper books and made 3 kinds of ice cream, so.

I'll have to get back on the writing horse soon.
I held out until today! And then I crashed and burned. *sigh*

(I'm up to seven kinds of ice cream/sorbet. Well, seven recipes: three were all vanilla.)
I need the ST sequel to come out so that my ST feelings will come back. I just miss it so much. I feel like I probably have more stories I want to tell, but without new material, I've hit my interest threshold and that makes me sad.
I know exactly what you mean! HP fandom is growing on me, and Avengers is a nice distraction, but I really feel like I'm just killing time until my one true fandom comes back. I miss Spock and Gaila and Sulu!
I will read anything you write as long as I know the fandom. Nobody reads my stuff, I write it anyway. *shrugs* Write it if it wants to be written, y'know?

My neck of the woods: hot. Done working come Monday. Attempting baby. That's about it.