June-July Writing Round-Up

Budapest - Clint/Natasha
In Budapest, she knew her enemies and the man fighting beside her. She doesn't get that certainty often.

Out of Control - Nick Fury/Maria Hill
Pretending to be married is not good cover for Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

Someone I Used to Know - Tony/Pepper
Pepper doesn't talk about her home or family very much, but that doens't mean Tony doesn't know about them.

Six Cities That Are Not Budapest - Clint/Natasha
Clint and Natasha try to figure out what normal people do on vacation, with varying degrees of success.

Harry Potter
What Pride Doesn't Know - Percy/Oliver
How Percy Weasley came to dance with Oliver Wood at his sister's wedding is a long story, and Percy might have forgotten to tell his family a few parts - like that he's gay, and in a relationship with a man.

The Bucket List of One Hermione Granger - Harry, Hermione
After the war, Hermione chooses a future.

A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement - Sherlock, Irene
Sherlock has something Irene wants. Irene has something Sherlock wants. Maybe they can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.
At first I thought this is a rec list, but wow, you've just been that productive.

/impressed :)
Well, it's a litlte deceptive - some of the stories here are ficlets, and three of them were for anonymous exchanges, so they were actually written several months ago and revealed this month...