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Love is for children

I finally went through the prompts at be_compromised. There are nineteen pages! It's crazy! Anyway, here are a few I liked for future inspiration.

1. They don't get together as a couple until AFTER Loki. Either explore the reasons for that, or their first time making love after that. Or both! by nessataleweaver
2. Natasha's parents aren't really dead. That's just a lie the people in the red room told her to keep her from running off. She finds out that they're still alive; Clint helps her find them. by rattyjol
3. 'The perfect proposal doesn't necessarily need to be romantic, or filled with romantic cliche's. It just has to be fitting to the couple, and to their relationship.' So how would Clint's perfect and fitting proposal go? In the middle of a gunfight? In the middle of sex? through the comms in the middle of a mission? with one of them in medical? or what? by nessataleweaver
4. Clint grew up with an abusive father, so when he starts a romantic relationship with Natasha (or starts to think of her as family) he finds it difficult to hit her when they spar, because he always promised himself he'd never be that guy. What would Natasha's reaction be? How does it get resolved? (Anonymous prompter)
5. Natasha doesn't cry, or at least Clint had never seen her cry until the time they were at a dance show (ballet/modern)... pixiesio
6. Neither of them are fond of hospitals/infirmaries and neither of them like being treated like an invalid, so when one of them gets injured on a mission the other checks them out as soon as it's feasible and takes care of them in the matter-of-fact, non-condescending way that they both prefer. Then there's a time when they both get injured. They follow the plan as usual - the trials and tribulations of looking after each other when they're both injured. inkvoices
7. Clint and Natasha decide that [insert couple here] need help getting together and decide to play Cupid. Cue situational hilarity as they, being the practical people they are, go about this in a decidedly un romantic fashion. (I'd really, really like the couple to be Maria Hill/Steve Rogers, but that's just me.) tielan
8. Natasha has never bought a present or gift for Clint before. It's not how they work. They share everything (and that's why Nat's sometimes in Clint's sweatshirt), but they don't do gifts. Then one day Natasha buys Clint a book and actually wraps it up and leaves it in his room or with his bow or somewhere for him to find, and so beginnings a story of Clint trying to figure out why and what it means and the points of the book without ever asking Natasha directly 'what the hell'... (although maybe he does when all else fails?) inkvoices

What book do you think Natasha would buy for Clint? I'm leaning toward The Velveteen Rabbit but I don't know why. Or maybe something about plucky orphans...

In other news, the Avengers Big Bang is proceeding nicely.

4600 / 10000 words. 46% done!

Bruce/Darcy FTW! Let's not talk about the Sherlock BB.
There are nineteen pages and more prompts happening all the time. Absolutely crazy. I love it :D

Glad you're joining the madness, heh. I love seeing what prompts grab people's attention!

Um, my marvel big bang has gone into hiding in the face of the promptathon *cheers your writing mojo*
I have written one thing and prompted two and I blame you for the fact that I might be about to tackle another. Prompt.
I would feel guilty, except that we both know your addiction to comment fic memes began long before you knew me :)