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Various Fannish Things

Rare Pair Fest is accepting sign-ups now on AO3. If you want to sign up but you don't have an AO3 account, let me know - I think I've got some invite codes knocking around from last time I hosted an exchange there. I am offering Snape/Narcissa, Oliver/Percy, and Dumbledore/Grindelwald in HP; John/Sally and Mycroft/Anthea in Sherlock; Gaila/everyone and McCoy/Uhura in Star Trek; and Bruce/Darcy, Clint/Natasha, Maria/Steve, and Maria/Nick Fury in Avengers. Thinking about the bizarre stories I might write is kind of terrifying, but also kind of exciting.

Suddenly I've realized how much I miss writing shippy stories. Harry Potter became my main fandom this past year, and that's really a genfic fandom for me, so it's been ages since I've tried to figure out how a couple would work together. I finally have some traction on a couple Avengers stories, and both of them are het - one Tony/Pepper and one Darcy/Bruce (yeah, wtf, I know). Neither one of them is remotely like my original idea for my big bang, but both of them are shaping into stories that could be a big bang, so we'll see. I'm afraid Natasha is turning into Uhura in Star Trek fandom, which is to say that I love her, but writing her is oddly stressful. I think I'm drawn to minor characters because they have less fanon and canon, so I worry a lot less about getting them right.

Does anyone know of comms for het Avengers stories? What about an Avengers newsletter or rec letter?

How are things going on your end of the world?
I have health stuff going on I don't want to deal with and don't want to think about (nothing life-threatening, just stuff), so yay for Fandom on that front.

I don't know if I could write rarepair fic.
Oh, I'm sure you could write anything you chose. Take a peek at the pairings list - the Star Trek pairings are not actually that odd. The deadlines are really close to the BB deadlines though...
Hm. That deadline thing is probably why I need to avoid this particular fest. Even if it does intrigue me.

Yeah, I know, WTF? I think eligibility was determined by absolute number of stories in A03, and almost every Avengers pairing qualified because the movie is still pretty new.
one Tony/Pepper and one Darcy/Bruce (yeah, wtf, I know).

Yay! I have such a soft spot for Tony/Pepper and Darcy/Bruce was a pairing that would have NEVER occurred to me but I read a few fics and REALLY liked their dynamic. I have also really enjoyed the few Nick/Maria fics I've read.