hp: dumbledores army

Recs: 3 Avengers, 4 Harry Potter, 3 House, 1 Sherlock

This post brought to you by a random bout of nostagia for House MD, and the awesome that is hp_friendship. Seriously, go check it out. I haven't even finished reccing all the stories that I loved over there.

The Uses of Sorrow (4692 words) by faviconsamalander - Tony, Bruce, Thor
Thor offers to heal Tony, but he doesn't make the same offer to Bruce. Bruce wants to know why. A very thoughtful exploration of physical disability and mental illness through the lens of two superheroes.

Spars and Sparks by salmon_pink - Maria/Natasha, R
A sparring match turns into a little something more. Scorching hot with deft characterization of Maria Hill.

Give a Girl a Moment and She'll Take You For All You've Got by tielan - Maria Hill, Natasha, Pepper, Darcy, Jane
A deliciously plotty fic about Maria being a bad ass when a group of thugs shoot up a bar. This is the Maria Hill story I've been longing for.

Harry Potter
Disorganized Crime by Anon at hp_friendship - Harry, Neville
Harry and Neville wind up in a Muggle jail after a chase for an escaped Death Eater goes wrong. Neville's confusion about Muggle society is adorable, and the friendship between Harry and Neville is wonderful. I lost track of the number of times I laughed out loud.

Cocktail Time by Anon at hp_friendship - Rita Skeeter, Gilderoy Lockhart
Once upon a time, Rita and Gilderoy were roommates, and Rita wants to tell their story. These are two of the least likeable characters in HP fandom, yet Rita's clever narrative voice makes me ache for them in ways I didn't expect to. Their intense, transient friendship at a time when both of them are just starting out in their lives felt so true, even though it's obviously a fantasy universe.

Mad Dogs and Scotsmen by Anon at hp_friendship - Alastor Moody, Emmeline Vance
I've always been curious about Emmeline Vance, the woman so talented that Voldemort came for her himself. This story fleshes her out beautifully. I love how tough and strong she is, and how she can be a little soft when Moody needs it. The story is set right after Moody is released from Crouch's trunk, and the friendship created here is complex and fascinating.

The Sceptic's Guide to Spotting Impossible Beasts by Anon at hp_friendship - Hermione, Luna
After the war, Hermione and Luna go hunting for crumple-horned Snorkacks. I love the way these two young women learn from each other and annoy each other in equal measures. By the end, you can really see how they fit together, even if they're mismatched at first.

Anger Management - Wilson, R
An eerily plausible look at Wilson's hidden anger. Warning for a creepy rape fantasy.

Breathe, Keep Breathing by thedeadparrot - House/Wilson, BSG crossover
House and Wilson as doctors in the midst of the Cylon attack, and then in Galactica's fleet. Fascinating, absorbing, incredible.

Six Ways of Looking at Chase by supacat - House, Chase
Just what it says on the tin. A lovely character study of House and Chase, and how they fit together.

A Symphony of Chemical Reactions (2348 words) by faviconwhat_alchemy - Sherlock/John
Oh, look, it's my favorite trope: Sherlock being a virtuoso in the kitchen! I really can't get enough of Sherlock cooking, and this fic is even more wonderful because the unique take on Sherlock's narrative voice.
Thanks for the House recs! House used to be my main fandom before Sherlock so I can understand random rounds of nostalgia. :-) The one about Chase was particularly spot-on! :-)