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Dear Author Letter for Rare Pair Fest

Dear Rare Pair Writer,

Thank you so much for writing a story for me! In this letter, I've made a list of a few things I don't like, and a longer list of things that I do. The truth is, I'm pretty easy to please: I like good characterization, and if you put thought into your characters, I will almost certainly love the story. I hope this list is informative, but I also hope that you will feel free to focus only on one or two items that interest you, and that you'll write a story that you enjoy too. I have only one strong request - if it's at all possible for you, I would like the story to be told from a female character's POV if you are writing a het relationship. However, if we matched on one of the slash ships I requested, please don't feel guilty about writing it. I would be very excited to see fic for the two slash pairs I requested.

1. Crack fic and wacky AU's (like everyone is in a rock band or somesuch)
2. Extreme angst and completely dysfunctional relationships (relationships with some problems are fine, and so are couples whose definition of 'functional' might differ from the norm - I just want it to work for the two characters involved, even if it's not in a traditional way. That said, I know Dumbledore/Grindelwald will be a bittersweet story at best.)
3. Fluff/schmoop
4. Non-con or dubcon
5. I love a good threesome PWP, but otherwise, I would prefer for sex scenes to be included only if they advance the plot or characterization in some way. I don't usually read anything kinkier than a little light bondage.

Note: if you happened to have chosen a pairing where someone died later in canon, I would prefer for the fic to be set during happier times. If you are writing in Sherlock, I would prefer that post-Reichenbach grieving not be the focus of the story.

1. Banter and snark
2. Getting together stories - especially fascinating for rare pairs
3. Stories where food and/or cooking are important
4. Badass couples on a mission together
5. Slices of an established couple's every day life together
6. Trials and tribulations of a newly cohabiting couple
7. Friendship that slowly develops into something more
8. Female characters in the spotlight, especially inverted gender tropes -- i.e., the girl asks the guy out, the girl is the one who provides physical/emotional comfort, the girl rescues the guy and saves the day
9. Characters who are flawed but still sympathetic, especially if those characters have difficulty openly communicating their feelings.
10. Working out challenges in intercultural relationships
11. Couples where both partners are very different from one another and have to figure out how to communicate
12. Ladies in the middle of an m/m/f threesome (double penetration is desired but not required)
13. Two strong people figuring out how to show each other their vulnerabilities.
Well, feel free to take anything you like! I keep adding to my list of's good to give one's author options, right?