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A signal boost and some House nostalgia

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Last week, I became re-obsessed with House with no apparent cause. I mean, I stopped watching the show for a reason: the medicine is bad, House's man-pain is annoying, and the episodes are just a tad predictable. Oddly enough, some of the episodes I'm watching in season eight could have been set in season one, two, three, or four. To summarize: Is House really that much of an asshole? Yes, he is! Also, can House really get away with medicine this dangerous and wacky? Yes, he can! So the show is pretty flawed. Way more flawed than I am generally willing to tolerate in my fannish material, actually. And yet, I somehow can't stop watching it. I am legitimately upset that only one season is available on Hulu, and I had to sign up for a free trial to watch most of it. Last night, I went on a massive fanfic reading binge, and I don't see that abating soon. What is it with me and poorly written, recently cancelled TV shows exactly? It's kind of like my BSG obsession two summers ago.