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Signal Boost

There is a multifandom rarepairfest! The main exchange is going to be hosted on AO3, but you can read the info in the livejournal community. Avengers, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Star Trek, and Torchwood are all eligible, as are several others. Sign-ups won't happen for awhile, but right now, they are accepting nominations for everyone's favorite rare pairs (and threesomes and moresomes now). Sadly, I forgot to nominate some of my favorite STXI rarepairs like Gaila/Pike and Gaila/McCoy, and I didn't think to nominate Bruce/Tony/Pepper for Avengers either. If someone hasn't used their nominations yet and wants to throw those in the ring, I'd love you forever...

Harry Potter: Narcissa/Snape, Percy/Oliver
Sherlock: Irene/Sherlock, Sally/John, Sally/Sherlock, Mycroft/Anthea
Star Trek: McCoy/Uhura, Gaila/Sulu
Buffy: Giles/Anya, Xander/Faith, Xander/Dawn

So, basically all my OTPs plus some random Sherlock pairings that always intrigued me. Of course, now I'm thinking of even more pairings I sadly did not nominate. John Watson/Mary Morstan, Gaila/McCoy/Kirk, Dumbledore/Grindelwald...sigh

Nominating pairings does not require you to participate, by the way.

ETA: While we're on the subject of signal boosting, may I recommend hp_friendship? I have bookmarked a few stories there for a rec post, but the overall quality of writing is astonishingly high. If you like Harry Potter gen fic, I am certain you will find something to enjoy!
All of my favorite pairs/threesomes/moresomes are rare pairs. So yes, I will!
Uh, I've forgotten by now but I definitely nom'd Gaila/Pike and Gaila/McCoy for you, as well as Tony/Pepper/Bruce and Bruce/Betty and I think Coulson/Natasha/Clint.

Oh, and Pike/One/Barry. Realized much later that Pike/One counts as a rare pair (my world-view, it is skewed) but it was too late.
I can't believe I didn't think of Pike/One! I'm all out of Star Trek nominations now too. I guess I like too many rare pairs in that fandom...

Thanks for nominating the Gaila pairings for me!
Yay, just left mine!

And you can go back and edit your nominations, if you want to add a few more! I've got Star Trek, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, and Supernatural and I can't think of a 5th. Haha, Avengers looks like it's pretty well covered.

Do you know if we're allowed to nominate fandoms, or is it just the pairs for the already listed fandoms?
What did you nominate?

And thanks for the heads up - I thought I couldn't add to my nominations since they'd already been reviewed.

I think you are allowed to nominate medium to large sized fandoms (there's an explanation in the comm), but they'll throw out anything that doesn't get a certain number of nominations since it will be too difficult to match.
Mmm, for ST -- Kirk/Sulu, Gaila/Kirk, and Gaila/Spock.

For HP -- Luna/Hermione, Harry/George, Cedric/Hermione, Cedric/Harry, and Harry/Hermione, which probably isn't rare enough.

And I saw that Medium to Large meant over a 1000 fics, and Teen Wolf definitely has that many, though most of them are for The Ubiquitous White Dude Slash Pair which is cute, but just one of many possibilities. Basically, I think everyone on that show should make out.