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Hello fandom!

I am back! And I missed you!

Someone should tell me what Merlin, Slings & Arrows, and Middlemen (Middleman?) are. I keep seeing posts about them on my flist, and I am curious, but I would rather hear about their awesomeness from you than look them up on IMDB.

Also, if I gave up on SPN after season 1 due to clunky dialogue and unsatisfactory depiction of female characters, should I give it another try?

1. Vomiting baby. Loudly vomiting baby.
2. Head cold
3. Confiscation of packing tape on the grounds that I might tie up a flight attendant and/or take over the plane with that not very sharp cutting thingie on the dispenser.
4. Bags searched 4 times.
5. Mexico = no liquid of any kind on planes, not even in 4 oz. increments and not even if purchased inside the security area.
6. US border guard stared at me dumbly when I said I traveled alone. Kept asking obnoxious questions, clearly waiting for me to admit that I had gone by myself in order to deal with a drug cartel. My viewpoint: I'd rather sleep with someone else than alone, but I don't stay up all night if there's no one to share my bed. Same deal with travel. I consider it a need, not a want, and as such, I do it regardless of whether someone else can do it with me.

But! I am home, with a soft queen sized bed, reliably hot shower, high speed internet connection, and boyfriend.
If that's why you gave up on SPN, you probably shouldn't get back to it. It only gets worse.

Merlin is a BBC show loosely based on Arthurian legends, with Merlin, Arthur, Gwen (Guinevere), and Morgana as teenagers. It's quite cracky, and good fun.

Slings&Arrows is a Canadian TV show about people who work at a theatre festival based on the Stratford Shakespeare festival. Haven't seen it, but I've heard it's good.

Never heard of "Middlemen". Are you sure it's not "Mad Men?"
Middleman! It is awesome! It is about a square-jawed superhero type dude and his new protege, visual artist Wendy Watson. Together they fight crime! And also aliens, tentacle monsters, and mad scientists! There are gun-toting apes! Evil luchadores! One of the best female friendships ever depicted on tv! More (and geekier) pop culture references than any show since Gilmore Girls! Plus, there are only 12 episodes and the dvds came out this week, so you can easily marathon it in a weekend!

As for SPN, the dialogue has risen somewhat in quality (though the exposition is often still hilariously clunky), but the gender and race issues are still very much there, unfortunately.
SPN never really gets better on its female characters, however, the end bit of last season was really good and had the most fan meta episode I have ever seen of tv.
apparently at comic con the cast of middleman performed a script reading of the naired finale.

slings and arrows centres around a director who is hired on by the festival after the previous one dies. he is played by paul gross of Due South fame. another show which you may not have heard of
If you didn't like season 1 of SPN, I don't think you'd like the later seasons either :x

But Merlin is awesome! It's a British show based on Arthurian legend (er. I regard it as a very AU version, which is probably the only way you can stand it if you're familiar with the legends), and whose fandom is mostly slash oriented? But either way, there are actually semi-strong girls! It's amazing.
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Plug: Slings & Arrows is beautifully written, quirky, hilarious, well-acted, and far, far too short (18 episodes, 3 seasons). I bought the DVD and got everyone in my family hooked on it to the point where my aunt wouldn't give the DVD back. This show is so amazing that I've started wandering around the Internet telling people at random to watch it...

Greeting: Er, hi! I've been reading your Gaila fic with enjoyment!