spock: logic is sexy

Recs: 3 Avengers, 1 Harry Potter, 1 Sherlock, 1 Torchwood

She Was Such A Perfect Stranger (2140 words) by favicon51stCenturyFox - Natasha/Various, R
Normally, a call girl AU wouldn't interest me, and a call girl AU about Natasha would actively repel me, but a good author can make almost anything work. Natasha's interactions with her clients, who are all Avengers, are perfectly crafted and Natasha's own character is still true to canon. At the end of each vignette, it's still quite clear that Natasha's on top. Plus, the story is really fun.

Hope is Not a Course of Action (12572 words) by faviconthatdamneddame - Clint/Coulson, past Clint/Natasha
While I'm reccing things I wouldn't usually like, why not add some slash fic about two characters I normally don't care about? Although this fic seems to be a bit AU for a number of small tidbits in the Avengers film, Clint's back story and his evolving friendship with Coulson ring true. In fact, the shippiness doesn't really happen till the end - most of it is about Clint slowly building the ability to feel trust and loyalty. At 12,000 words, this story could feel tedious, but each scene advances Clint's character in emotionally resonant ways.

Luceat by dsudis - Steve, various Avengers
A short, post movie grief-and-recovery fic told through Steve's eyes. The small tidbits of each character's grief are perfect, while Steve's detached outsider's perspective keeps the story from wallowing in too much angst. The ending is beautiful.

Harry Potter
Silence Is Not Consent (Or How Dirty Talk Can Help Change Rape Culture by woldy - Lavender/Parvati, implied Seamus/Dean, Ginny, R
Hogwarts gets a consent policy, and Parvati and Lavender help the Gryffindor common room understand that using it can be fun. A sexy fic with a worthwile message.

As Much As You Love Science by tocourtdisaster - girl!Sherlock/John, NC-17
I love this fic so much I want to draw tiny hearts around it and revel in Sherlock's pitch-perfect voice forever. I will never tire of fics that thoughtfully address Sherlock's asexuality, and this fic does it especially well. Bonus points for a cameo by a well-intentioned but disturbingly misguided Mycroft.

The Truth About Plums by nancybrown - Jack/Ianto
Ianto asks Jack to tell him something true. He may have gotten more than he bargained for. Short and well-characterized with a gut punch of an ending.
I think I might have forgotten to comment on the actual fic, but if you can't tell, I really loved the story :)