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What's your fannish type?

bethbethbeth posed this question a few days ago, and I think it's very interesting. My fannish type is pretty clear: outsiders. Specifically, I am drawn to hyper-competent, intellectual people who do not fit in very well. Spock, whom I have loved since I was about nine years old, perfectly corresponds to this mold. Later, I latched onto Number One in Star Trek, Toshiko in Torchwood, Snape in Harry Potter, and of course, Sherlock Holmes. Sometimes, my favorite characters deviate slightly from my type, but they're always some kind of outsider. I think of Luna Lovegood and Gaila are both highly intelligent people, but intelligence isn't their defining characteristic. Their oddball status makes them stand out, Luna because of her personality and Gaila because of her culture. Although I haven't written much Avengers fic yet, I think Natasha and Steve fit the type too -- Natasha's life experience makes her very different from everyone else, and Steve is obviously from an entirely different place and time. Of course, I don't love the outsiders exclusively. Narcissa Malfoy is endlessly fascinating, but she's also a consummate insider. Sulu, another one of my favorite characters, gets along well with people, and I wouldn't say my other Trek ladies fit the outsider type very well. What do you guys think -- are you drawn to the same kinds of characters over and over again?

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... characters either implicitly with or who probably should have textbook cases of PTSD? I mean, to be fair, that describes basically every character in The Avengers and the vast majority in Trek, but still.

What an interesting question! I'm not sure I have an actual answer.
I have really enjoyed your PTSD recovery stories, so I am in favor of your type! Or maybe that is a very specific subtype, and your type is actually minor characters.
I'm always drawn to people who are survivors and leaders, who are smart but wouldn't think of their intelligence as a defining characteristic, who often feel isolated by the experiences. Buffy Summers, John Watson, John Sheppard, Steve Rogers... it's a thing.

And of course I like socially awkward geniuses: Sherlock Holmes, Rodney McKay...

and brash, headstrong folks whom you can't take your eyes off of: Irene Adler, Spike, Tony Stark, Faith...

Survivors and leaders is a neat type! I wouldn't have thought of that link between Buffy and John and Steve, but it makes total sense now that you mention it.
It's hard to know what I'm drawn to. People who mess up but keep going because it's the only thing you can do, maybe.
Hmm. I'm contemplating, but I'm not sure I can come up with a type. One big thing is that I have to like everyone, or at least the vast majority of the recurring characters, in the movie/book/show/whatever. As much as I enjoy dirty pr0nz, I like friendships and ensemble casts. I realize that's structure, not characterization, but I think I tend to go for that more than for specific character types. I also typically need some kind of central or at least prominent female character(s), which is why my fannish times in Supernatural and The Social Network were so surprising to me (granted, I tend to bring in female characters myself when they weren't present in canon).

I do like very smart characters, but not to the extreme of "this person is so brilliant that their brilliance overshadows how much of an asshole they are to everyone around them"—e.g., though I love all the supporting characters, I cannot. watch. House. (I spend the show thinking of causes of action for malpractice. It is really not enjoyable.) But I do like people who are smart and maybe make questionable ethical decisions because of that and then have to face the consequences of those decisions (Willow Rosenberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Stark, Hermione Granger in a lot of fanfics, including my own). In general I like all characters who face moral and ethical quandaries, mmmm, tasty. BRING ME MOAR FANFIC ABOUT ETHICS, PLZ. A trauma history is a plus (Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Jim Kirk) but is not necessary (Spock).

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Ah, I wish I had more bunnies for ethics fics. I am coming at it from a different angle than you - I coach debate and teach moral philosophy -- but it's something I think about often, and I would like to write about it more too. Coming up with plot ideas for those stories is pretty hard though, at least for me.
Yes. I imprinted early on the "curly-headed madman/genius" archetype -- Willy Wonka, Tom Baker's Doctor Who, Antryg Windrose (Barbara Hambly's "Silicon Mage" series) -- with a side of hobbits.