avengers: natasha rolling hating

Taking the plunge

I just created marvelousladies for all your female-centric Avengers and Marvel-verse needs.

I want to know what would happen if Pepper, Natasha, and Maria Hill created a triumverate of comptetence. I want to see if Peggy Carter held onto her job after all the boys came back from the war. I wonder what happened in Budapest, and how Natasha navigates being a woman in a male-dominated profession. If you want to know these things to, stop by, join up, and show us your fanfic, your vids, your graphics, and your recs. And please, please, please help pimp this community around.
SWEET! I just joined.

Question: Is this comm open to the entire Marvel-verse (e.g., X-Men, Spider-Man, etc., also) or just Avengers?
I decided to open it to the entire Marvel verse. I suspect that the Avengers traffic will be heaviest, but one of my favorite things about WNW was how it included all the Star Trek franchises, so I wanted to replicate that inclusiveness here.