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Recs: 1 Avengers, 1 Elementary, 4 Sherlock

You guys, I am so not into camping, not even in a camper. It's too crowded, too loud, the beds are too narrow...really, there is nothing I like about it. Wilderness is all good, but I want a cabin dammit. To celebrate my return to civilization, let's have a recs post.

Although It's So Romantic on the Borderline Tonight by paperclipbitch - Natasha/Bruce
This is not a pairing that I thought I would enjoy, but paperclipbitch has rendered it so plausibly that I couldn't turn away. Natasha and Bruce's attraction builds slowly, forged from their shared attraction to danger. Natasha's interior monologue and Bruce's dialogue are pitch-perfect.

Beats On Unbroken by language_escapes on DW - Joan Watson, gen
I can only hope that when the show premieres, Joan Watson is as amazing as she is here. She's an absolutely perfect combination of strong, flawed, vulnerable, and determined, and the backstory for her is excellent.

How We Swallow the Sun by Anonymous at holmestice - Sherlock/John, Irene Adler
A lyrical, achingly intense portrait of Sherlock on the run in search of Sebastian Moran. Though I've grown tired of post-Reichenbach fics, the atmosphere and scenery in this story set it apart from the crowd.

An Interruption of Gravity by bendingsignpost - Sherlock/John, NC-17
Such realistic sex is a rare treat. It's a little awkward, it has a sense of humor, and the characterization of Sherlock is still very real.

Forget All Other Angles by loneraven - Sherlock/John
Sherlock cross-dressing is one of my secret kinks. According to this story, John likes it too. Short and sharp, with a killer last line.

Experiments, Forensic and Personal by Anonymous at holmestice - Sherlock/John, Mrs. Hudson, Sally
This fic was written for me, but I'd be reccing it even if it hadn't been. The simple premise -- four days from four years of Sherlock and John's life together -- reveals Sherlock and John's changing relationship is unexpectedly deep and fascinating ways. I really admire the way the writer gives us exactly as much information as we need to figure out what's happening in each character's head.
OH MY GOSH WITH THE AGREEMENT ON THE CAMPING! I FEEL THE SAME WAY! I don't mind the basics of camping like cooking over a fire or campstove and hiking and hanging out by a fire, but I hate ishy toilets, bugs and worse yet SPIDERS, and sleeping in tents (which are always stuffy and cold at the same time and I don't even get how that works)

And yet I went and fell in love with a backpackery, tent-loving, camp-crazed type. I don't understand it my own self. :)
Ooo, recs! Shiny :D

Heh, we had a fold out camper once that was a nightmare and I don't mind tents, but the family got a caravan and that's good, even if it's still a bit close quarters - I always appreciate the extra space and quiet when we get back from a long trip, but then I end up hunting down people because I've gotten used to them being around! Hope you had some fun adventures in between the camping part *grins*.