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Fannish Things To Do (Sherlock edition)

The Sherlock Big Bang I wanted has materialized! sherlockbigbang is accepting sign-ups from now until June 30, and the minimum is only 10,000 words. I'm writing the sequel to my holmestice story, but I can't tell you more until after reveals. Come join me - you know you want to!

If you don't want to write a whole 10,000 words, you might check out sherlockmas' Summer Vacation Fest. You can leave prompts here, and claims are coming up in a week or two. The comm will also be hosting Friday drabble fests for the next several weeks.

I am back home at last, but catching up with my flist is just about hopeless. Let me know if you've posted anything in the past week that you think I should see.
If my guess about which holmestice story is yours is correct, that's definitely something I'd love to see more of. If my guess is wrong, it's probably still something I'd love to see more of. ;)

I think I may have to sign up for sherlockbigbang. I'm a little worried about getting 10k, but I think I could probably do it. Not sure at the moment what I'd write about, probably something to do with Molly and/or John, but I've got a bit of time to figure that out yet.
You probably picked ou the right one - I talked to several people on my flist about the main character, and I think you were one of htem. I'm glad you would like to read more of it!

I think you can do 10K too -- if you think about it, it's really just three stories of three thousand words each. The only difference is that they have to be related to each other.

I've always wanted to read a story where Molly tells John that Sherlock is alive and they go find him together...