gaila: orions have more fun

Hello from Indianapolis!

I am here this week for the national speech and debate tournament, the only gathering in the world that is nerdier than a Star Trek convention. Today I have no judging assignments, so I am wandering downtown while periodically checking in on my own particular group of nerds. I had forgotten how much I like this city. It is just metropolitan enough to have some pedestrian friendly areas, and there are cool things to do if you know where to look (I do, since my boyfriend's best friend lives here.) In our downtime, we have eaten tacos with thick, homemade tortillas, devoured a bucket of truffle frites, and toured a dairy farm where I almost lost my students in wildflowers taller than I was.

I am trying to work on my hp_friendship story while I am here, and it is not going well. I confess I had forgotten about it, and after a great burst of very productive writing, it's fighting me tooth and nail. I think I have to delete the last section I wrote and start all over again. Snape, why so hard?

I am here until Saturday, and the hotel wifi sucks, so it will probably be awhile before I can answer comments on the stories I posted last week. If you so happen to be my holmestice author, and you so happen to post a fic for me this week, I might not get to see it until I get home. I'm not deliberately ignoring it, I promise!
Indy is definitely a lovely city. I wish I could get over there more often, but it's just far enough away (with just enough road construction between here and there) for it to be not very practical, though I did make it to Plainfield twice in the last month. I hope have a good time while you're there. :)
I did like Indy, the one time I was there (in college). Glad you're having fun!