avengers: hulk

This day is so fired.

Eurgh. After receiving the world's snippiest email from my insurance agent (apparently he doesn't need me to "beg [me] to understand [his] prices"), I found out that my driver's license has been suspended. Not that any city or state authorities thought to inform me of this - I wouldn't know if I hadn't requested quotes from another insurance agent. I'm guessing it's because of a ticket I forgot to pay -- I found it in my glovebox this afternoon -- but the only way to find out for sure is to contact the driver's compliance bureau, which did not answer their phone at any point this afternoon. There is absolutely no information on the internet about how one goes about reinstating a driver's license, so I guess I will have my boyfriend take me to the DMV tomorrow morning to start sorting this out. Probably they just want me to give them money, but I am having nightmarish visions of court appearances and lengthy suspensions. I'm trying not to think about it, but I am not good at not worrying about things.

Nonetheless, trying to look on the bright side... My first loaf of bread is rising quite nicely! I ate a piece of dough, and it tasted bread-like, so I guess I'm on the right track. Well, except for breaking off and eating hunks of dough. I probably am not supposed to do that. Let's see, what else? My springtime_gen story did really well, even though I wasn't certain of its quality going in. It got three recs, so I get to send it in to daily_snitch as a hot rec. That's never happened to me before! My holmestice story seemed to be exactly what my recipient wanted, and it got a respectable quantity of feedback from other readers. Writing about Sherlock is so entertaining; I wish I got to do it more, but I can't seem to generate my own spontaneous ideas for stories, and there aren't all that many fests to choose from.

Anyway, I can't decide what to write next, except that I need a little break from HP stories. I have my Steve/Natasha pretending to be married story, but velvetmouse left a prompt that caught my eye last week: Natasha thinks her "first time" ought to be both consensual and not involving a mission. She's still waiting. There's also a Clint prompt I could write for Amnesty Week at queer_fest, and yeomanrand left me a Tony/Pepper prompt that's been percolating in the back of my mind. I'm not sure which is harder: having too many ideas, or not enough.
Sorry about the suspension. The DMV should be able to help you; as you said, let your boyfriend or someone else drive you -- they will ask you (or they are usually required to do so). My partner had an unpaid late fee on a two year old ticket (she had paid the ticket) that she didn't know about, either, until her license was suspended - she didn't find out until a cop sitting behind her in traffic ran her tag as a matter of course and pulled her over. (A snippy insurance agent isn't the worst way to find out. :)) New Georgia law says they don't have to notify people by mail anymore about suspensions, so you might want to check your state, too.

All that said, good luck! My guess is they want money, too. You will probably have to pay the ticket, a late fee, and to have the license reinstated, but after that it should be fine.
Thanks for the reassurance! It did turn out to be a matter of money. An annoying amount of money, of course, but at least I can drive legally again!
There are, in fact, worse ways of finding out - I found out by being arrested (on the first day of law school, no less). You do want to sort it out as soon as possible, as if you don't pay the ticket and don't show up in court under at least some states' laws and procedures, they can suspend your license and issue a warrant for your arrest. The fun, it is blinding.

Even in that situation you generally can make it go away by throwing money at it, and afterwards it should be fine. Should you happen to be in law school, you'll never hear the end of it from your crim law class, but even so.
Ha. I'm sorry. I have a classmate who had a warrant issued for his arrest in a state approximately eighteen hours away and he didn't find out until he applied for a federal clerkship and they asked him about it. Possibly also a worse way of finding out. :) (He got it cleared up and everything is fine now, but still.)
Yeah, I discovered that I had a warrant for my arrest today at the courthouse! Luckily, I paid the ticket and the late fee and the reinstatement fee, so it's all taken care of now.
In my state you have to go to court to pay the fee and the license bureau to get it reinstated but I also live in a very large metro area so if you're lucky you can get it all taken care of in one fell swoop.

Yay bread!
Haha, no such luck on the one-stop shopping. First, I had to go to the DMV to find out why my license was even suspended, then go to the municipal court downtown to pay the old ticket, then to the bank to get a money order to pay the reinstatement fee, then wait two hours in line to have it reinstated. The DMV is definitely one of the circles of hell.
Yikes! I hope that situation proves easy to clear up.

I managed to miss my queer_fest posting date because I forgot to write it on my calendar. Even though, I, uh, wrote the fic. Is that what amnesty week is for?

I do love writing for fests, though. Yay Holmestice! I'm writing a pinch hit now, actually.
Yeah, it worked out okay, though somwhat expensively. My fault though - I should have remembered to pay my ticket.

And yes, there's an amnesty week at the end of queer fest when you can post if you missed your assigned date, or you can post a story for any unclaimed prompt. I think Wednesdays are also amnesty days for posting early or late stories.

I wish I could have taken one of teh Holmestice pinch hits! I am out of town all next week though, so there's no way I could have made the deadline.