hp: ginny gryffindor

Recs: 2 Avengers, 4 Harry Potter, 1 Sherlock

Putting Out Fires With Gasoline by penknife - Tony/Bruce/Pepper, NC-17
A lovely look at the sexual and emotional evolution of Bruce, Tony, and Pepper's relationship. Bruce is wry, sad, and hopeful, and Pepper has a clear place in the relationship. Threesomes are not usually my thing, but I really can't get enough of these three together.

the hip and the dead (5580 words) by faviconhollimichele - Steve, gen
Steve moves to Brooklyn and accidentally becomes a hipster. This could be crack, but the author takes the premise seriously, and creates both a strong setting and some interesting social commentary on the times we live in.

Harry Potter
Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect by Anonymous at springtime_gen - McGonagall
Professor McGonagall begins rebuilding Hogwarts after the war. It's more complicated than she expected. A rich, detailed look at magic that feels completely true, with nice cameos from several different characters. The magical world here really feels like a community and a team.

Saturdays Are For Football by Anonymous at springtime_gen - Dean Thomas, Blaise Zabini
Dean and Blaise strike up an unexpected friendship after the war based on a shared love of Muggle football. Blaise's characterization is outstanding here; he's not unsympathetic, but he's also rather clueless about the world and his place in the war. An exceptionally thoughtful and nuanced look at the nature of privilege and prejudice.

Harry's Man, Through and Through by Anonymous at springtime_gen - Neville Longbottom
This is the best characterization of Neville I've ever read. Although the story charts Neville's slowly growing admiration for Harry Potter, it's also very much about Neville finding his own strength. The story offers beautiful explanations for Neville's behavior early in the series, like his constant forgetting and reluctance to use magic, and quite clearly explains how he grew into the leader of Dumbledore's Army by book seven.

Seeds of Hate by Anonymous at springtime_gen - Lucius Malfoy
A fascinating look at Lucius' first year at Hogwarts. At eleven, Lucius is misguided but oddly sympathetic; you can see how clearly he's entrenched in the world of Pureblood pride and family honor, and how clearly he thinks he's doing the right things. The story uses this carefully developed empathy to build toward a chilling ending. You can really see how Lucius became the man we see in the books.

And Now, The Shipping News by loneraven - John, gen
John moves on after Reichenbach Fall. It's not easy or happy, but slowly and sensibly, he builds a life. John is very well characterized here, and it's refreshing to read a post-TRF story that isn't wallowing in angst.
Thank you very much a) for this rec, which is very sweet of you - and I wrote this story exactly because I couldn't find any post-TRF stories that weren't walling in angst! and b) for your Sherlock recs in general! I've had such trouble finding things I really enjoyed, and I've had a very pleasant long weekend so far reading back through your rec tag.
John is such a sensible person, and someone who is aware of his own value. The stories where his life just stops after Sherlock's "death" strike me as a disservice to his character. I'm glad you've found some recs to enjoy! I agree - navigating this fandom can be frustrating. The canon is so wonderful, but sometimes it seems as if all the fic tells the same story over and over again.