avengers: maria hill

Remember how I was supposed to stay away from fanfiction today?

Yeah, I saw the marvel_bang author sign-up post. My resolve was very short-lived after that. The minimum word count is only 10,000, which I think is perfect for the Steve/Natasha pretending to be married story. If I get it finished early, I might go ahead and post it this summer and write something else for the challenge. Come join me - you know you want to!

Now I'm going to find out how to make a baguette. I swear.
I am there with you! Well, in the marvel_bang. I'm not trying to make baguettes. I wish I were. Nonetheless!
WHYYYY AM I SO TEMPTED. But I'm nervous about writing in new fandoms! And I have bigger big bang that's due August 15th. HMMM.