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Meme answers and a cool fest

inkvoices is hosting an End of Virginity challenge to "write a ‘first time’, any kind of first time, and make it realistic. Open up the debate around virginity or just showcase the many different types of first experiences that people can have." I think this is a fabulous, thinky idea and you should all drop off some prompts (here or at the challenge) so I can write a story for it.

spikeface asks If Christine Chapel and Luna Lovegood found a sad puppy in the rain, what would they do with it? That is a very lucky puppy indeed because these ladies would obviously take it home. Luna would be the one to keep it if she thought it were an interesting magical creature, but if it were a plain old puppy, Christine would probably wind up with it.

rubynye asks what does Luna Lovegood cook Sulu and Sherlock Holmes for dinner? Honestly, I have no fucking clue. I can't fathom Sherlock eating with Luna, nor can I fathom Luna cooking anything. I feel like the whole kitchen would be set alight when she fell into a reverie.

Why does Number One kidnap Maria Hill? Officially, because SHIELD created some kind of time travel debacle (probably with the help of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner), and Maria possesses important knowledge that will protect the integrity of the timeline. Unofficially, One cannot help but recognize a similarity in looks and disposition that makes her wonder if Maria is perhaps a distant ancestor. Never having known her family, she finds the idea very appealing.

Why do Narcissa Malfoy and Sally Donovan team up? Well, they're not a team exactly. It's more that Narcissa is using Sally for her own purposes. Some rival pureblood family is involved in an anti-Muggle crime, and Narcissa can't report them to the wizarding authorities. Were she to report them to the Muggle police, and have them arrested at time when they were conveniently wandless, no one would be the wiser.

cakeordeath44 asks Number One, Natasha Romanoff, and Mycroft Holmes go on a singles holiday. Who hooks up? Oh, obviously Natasha and One. They would totally respect one another's intellectual competence and fighting prowess -- and be completely turned off by Mycroft's bizarre theatricality.

Spock and Christine Chapel are in a fist fight. Who wins? I cannot imagine this situation turning out well for Christine.

illariy asks if Maria Hill and Narcissa Malfoy formed a team, what would they argue about? Who would they add to complement their skill sets? Um, I think they would argue about everything, most prominently wizarding superiority and Narcissa's habit of giving orders. Perhaps they would like to add a peacemaker to the team, but I doubt they could agree on a neutral third party.

What if Luna Lovegood and Sherlock Holmes met on a blind date? Uh, nothing good. Sherlock might find Luna temporarily interesting because she's too unfamiliar to make easy deductions about, but her personality would wear him down quickly. I don't think the date would last long, and whoever set Sherlock up with her would pay.

I declare tomorrow a writing-free day. My queer_fest story absolutely refuses to behave, I am fresh out of ideas for the Natasha/Steve story, and I'm frustrated by my lack of easily achievable ideas for Avengers fic. My jobs tomorrow are therefore to bake bread and go to the gym...unless you maybe want to leave me (non-slash) Avengers prompts.

...unless you maybe want to leave me (non-slash) Avengers prompts.

By non-slash do you mean no 'male/male or female/female' pairings but het prompts are excepted or do you just want gen prompts?
I am mostly a het and gen writer, but you can leave me a femslash prompt if you like. It's mainly M/M I have trouble with
t's mainly M/M I have trouble with

I'm the same way. boy!Slash just isn't my cup of tea.

What I would LOVE to read would be some Clint pining over Natasha fic. Pre or post movie, I'm not picky.

Also, a puppy found by Luna and Chapel would be the LUCKIEST DARN PUPPY EVER.
Oooh, Natasha and Number One, what a neat idea!

Perhaps they would like to add a peacemaker to the team, but I doubt they could agree on a neutral third party

*giggle* A classic catch.

Um, prompt, right. How about the first night after the battle (which is also Clint's first night back to himself after Loki's mindwipe)?
Have at it! I have an idea too, but I don't see why both of us can't write about the same prompt.
One hates to presume, after all. And it's not like I don't have enough on my plate at the moment (a holmestice pinch-hit, two longer stories, the next bit of Destiny, the next bit of Morning Star, a Grimm fic where Monroe adopts a cat, and a Once Upon a Time fic where Henry and Mr Gold discuss fairy tales.

So...cool. :)