Avengers: captain b/w

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My boyfriend and I rented the Captain America movie. I found it very acceptable.

This was an entertaining film. At no point did I look at my watch or consider going to do something else. I liked Peggy, and I liked that Steve immediately liked her because she was strong and in a position of authority. I liked that we know Steve is the good guy in the army because he doesn't immediately rag on her womanhood. She's still a sidekick, but I'd really like to read more about her.

There just wasn't anything in the movie that made me feel, you know? I wanted Steve to be wittier. I wanted the ensemble to be stronger so that I could care for the men fighting with him. Bucky's relationship with Steve, and his death, could have been handled so much better. When we saw Bucky the first time, I thought he was kind of a dick...and then he died. I suppose the intention was to prove the situation was serious and to give Steve motivation, but the whole scene really fell flat. It's a problem if your audience can see the hero's main character die and then shrug their shoulders.

The whole movie just felt very derivative. My boyfriend and I kept saying, "oh that reminds me of Indiana Jones" or "yes, that scene is very comic book." It was fun at first, but then I started feeling like I was watching a mash-up of all iconic action and superhero movies ever. I wish we could have ditched the whole publicity tour and fleshed out some moment in the war instead. Actually, I think what I'm saying is that I wish Joss Whedon had written it.

Complaints aside, I like knowing more of Steve Rogers' back story. I've got a long-ish WIP brewing about him now, and I keep browsing fic fests for more prompts about him. Watching the movie made me realize why I'm so drawn to him: really, I'm writing stories about someone who is an outsider living in a culture that feels alien to him. It is my favorite thing ever, all wrapped up in shiny new canon.

Anyway, the story I'm writing about him is a Steve/Natasha pretending to be married story. This is strange because I usually hate romantic cliches, and I usually get into fandoms by writing genfic first, but the idea has really taken on a life of its own. I'm contemplating signing up for marvel_bang because the story is 2500 words and the plot keeps growing, but then, I don't really want to sit on it until October. I want in Avengers fandom now! I guess I will just have to keep writing it and see how long it takes me to finish and whether I write other Avengers stories in the mean time.

On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone know if there will be a Sherlock big bang running this summer? I have an idea for a long story, but I know I won't write it unless there's a deadline looming.
Actually, I think what I'm saying is that I wish Joss Whedon had written it.

This would have been awesome instead of just that last bit with waking up and Times Square...by the way. Coulson was supposed to cameo then but Marvel had Clark Gregg do something else instead.

Stupid Marvel...

I agree about a lot of this. I felt it was the weakest of the Avengers films. I found myself more interested in Howard and Peggy and their lives than Steve. I still wonder how they coped with it all. Did Peggy continue with SHIELD? Was she forced back into "her place" like so many other women after World War 2 ended and the men came back? Was his failure over not finding Steve what started Howard on his way to alcoholism and depression?

I have to wonder whether the lack of development of Bucky and the stupidity of his death is a result of wanting to bring him back as Winter Soldier, like in the comics, especially since the actor is getting a following online thanks to Once Upon a Time.
I agree - I kept wanting to know more about Peggy and Howard's adventures together. I wish they could have worked more of that into the film. An ensemble would have been interesting.

The Winter Soldier angle would be neat! If there's a Captain America sequel coming up, maybe that's the route they'll take.
There was a photo released recently showing the files for everyone from the first film.

Bucky is still officially listed as Missing in Action...

Hmm, suspicious...

Yeah, I found Captain America pretty underwhelming as a movie, and it only becomes even more so when you compare it to how successful the Avengers was. Peggy is a bright light in the movie, for sure, but I just feel like they could've gone into more depth with so many aspects of the movie--Bucky, the Howling Commandos--and they didn't, and it's a shame. I also think it would've helped Steve's development as a character, even though I do like how low-key and quiet Chris Evans is in the role.

And oh man, I am SO GLAD you're writing Steve/Natasha, that sounds like an awesome fic.
I hope the Steve/Natasha story turns out well! I feel like I can't focus on it till I get my queer_fest story done, which is of course a totally different fandom. I think Natasha is just enough like Peggy to catch Steve's interest, but they would also click in a very opposites attract sort of way. It's a very cool dynamic to explore!
I agree! I fell asleep in the middle of it the first two times I tried to watch it, and only made it through successfully on my third attempt after Avengers was released and I needed more canon like burning.

However, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the USO tour scenes. I'm all "dawwww" at his emotional rollercoaster from hating it, to liking it, to having it thrown back in his face by Real Soldiers. But as much as I love watching kicklines, I do agree that they shouldn't have sacrificed the opportunity to do more character development.

Mostly, the movie makes me really appreciate how Evans plays Cap--he's wonderful at doing the small facial quirks that sell me on his emotions.

Also, I realllly hope Bucky comes back as the Winter Soldier!

In conclusion, I will read any and all fic you wish to write and shower you with excessive flailing!
Okay, so what exactly is this Winter Soldier thing everyone keeps talking about? I know nothing about the comics except what I've learned through fannish osmosis, except that maybe Bucky is evil?

I wish to write a lot of Avengers fic! Having ideas for it is the problem...
Haha, yes! He is found alive by Russians but has amnesia, so they train him to be an assassin. More wikipedia explanation is here.
Also, Bucky as Winter Soldier and Natasha are like this epic love story although there was at least one universe where she has a son with Steve.
There will apparently be a Sherlock Big Big Bang but a) it doesn't start until august and b) I'm not sure what they mean by "prompt/request post" because I haven't read the comm thoroughly. But, yes. :)
Hm. I've seen that comm, but I'm not sure if that's a posting schedule for an upcoming challenge or an old one. The dates are completely identical to the ones posted in the FAQ for the 2010 round...

I want to write a sequel to my holmestice story, but the odds of my taking on a project that large without a challenge to complete it for are slim to none.
Yeah, I'm not sure either. Maybe I'll ping the comm organizers and see. I don't know that I could organize anything like a big bang, though, even with help...