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Star Trek Ficlet: A Logical Arrangement

Title: A Logical Arrangement
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Gaila, Spock
Summary: The first time Gaila meets Spock, she's holding a phaser rifle with a broken safety.
Notes: For circ_bamboo, who asked who would win if Gaila faced off with Spock. I think they would find a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Gaila crouches at the end of the corridor, her fingers curled around a phaser rifle. The air is cold; she hadn't had a chance to pick up her clothing when the alert sounded. The Starfleet invaders rush into the corridor and stop short at the sight of a naked woman with a weapon. Weak.

"This rifle doesn't have a stun setting," she says. She'd broken the safety off long ago.

"You have nothing to fear from us," says a tall, slender man at the head of the team. His voice is too calm for a human. Vulcan, then.

"But you have something to fear from me," she says. Her position is solid. She has good cover, and she'll be able to pick them off one by one if they come for her.

"Obviously," the Vulcan says, and she detects a hint of dry humor in his voice. Interesting.

"Shoot him," her captain whispers at her side. "How many of your slave sisters died in his invasion?"

Many, Gaila knows. She wonders if the Vulcan does.

"How many of my kin did you kill when you came aboard this ship?" she asks.

"We had not anticipated slaves would fight their liberators."

"They prefer Orion slavery over the human version," her captain shouts. He looks at her, though she doesn't take her eyes off the Vulcan and his men. "You know what they believe about Orion women in the Federation. They think you are wanton, licentious, empty. For them, you will do nothing but dance and please their men."

And you would not let me hold this weapon if you had not broken your arm, Gaila thinks.

"Slavery does not exist in the Federation," Spocks says. "Were you given free access to information, you would know that."

"Freedom," her captain sneers. "What freedom? You choose to come to my bed. He will make you his plaything. Have I not been good to you, Gaila? Have I not given you beautiful dresses and books to read and weapons to touch between your missions? I know their ways. He will not be so kind."

"You have been kind to me," she says. "As much as it is possible to be kind to anyone you own."

She recognizes her real choice, and it's the weapon in her hands. Her captain doesn't have a chance to scream before the blue light engulfs him.
The Vulcan raises his eyebrow. "You have made your decision then?"

"I have," Gaila says. She doesn't trust this man, not yet, but she trusts herself to kill him if he tries to take her freedom. Now that he's seen her captain die, he knows her power.

"Then lay down your weapon."

"You misunderstand," she says. "I fight alongside you. I don't surrender."

His men's eyes go wide beneath their helmets. They fear her, as they should. But Gaila is a powerful ally: she knows every centimeter of her ship, and she can recruit her sisters to fight at their side. The Vulcan will recognize that.

"You propose a mutually beneficial arrangement." He holds a hand out in the Vulcan salute. "Commander Spock."

"Acting Ensign Gaila," she says and falls in line beside his men.

He turns to face her.

"Should you show the slightest hint of betrayal, Lieutenant Sulu will shoot you," he says. He nods infinitesimally at the man behind her, who nods back.

"Likewise, but I'll do my own shooting," she answers.

Spock quirks an eyebrow, and she sees a glint of humor in his eye.

"I believe that you and I will get along just fine."
Hell yeah, they'll get along fine! I tend to think of Gaila and Spock as mutually respectful of each other but ultimately not destined to be friends, since Gaila is usually characterized as very tactile and Spock is, well, Spock. Thinking about it now, no one would know the importance of boundaries as well as Gaila. I would love to see more adventures with these two, even if it's just the two of them navigating Starfleet's crazy human shenanigans together!
I love writing Gaila and Spock together! Gaila-Spock BFF-ness was one of my major preoccupations when I first got into this fandom - I think I have three or four stories about them together, and a few more in my WIP folder that I just may have to dust off and finish. I like how they're opposite but they're not. You're right, Gaila understands boundaries very well, and Spock understands being one of the only people of your species in Starfleet. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story :)
Loved it. So nice to read some new fic, it's been ages since I went exploring for some.
I think Gaila and Spock make a good argument for the old saying "opposites attract"..
I think they do too! They are different enough to be fascinated by each other, but I think they both share a respect for each other's boundaries. I'm glad you enjoyed the story!
This makes me very, very happy. I love the way she takes her fate into her own hands and gives Spock as good as she gets. That Spock respects her. So gorgeous and fierce and YES
Okay, this is awesome. Sorry that I didn't get around to reading it for a couple days--I've got a friend visiting--but it is decidedly what I could see happening. And I love Sulu being part of Spock's threat. :)
No worries! I figured you had something going on. I'm glad you liked the story, and Sulu. Later I realized that Gaila and Sulu were at the Academy together, so he shouldn't really have been part of Spock's raiding party, but eh, it can be slightly AU.
This was lovely! I really like how fierce Gaila is (and generally loved the way you write her character voice). I definitely see Spock and Gaila getting along and having tons of respect for each, while leaving everyone perplexed at just how they became friends :) Thank you for sharing!
Thank you! I love writing Gaila and Spock together, and it's been such a long time since I've had a chance to do so. They just make sense to me -- how they're both totally honest, both very aware of boundaries, and both very much a minority in the places where they live/work. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!
This fic is all the awesome. As is the whole of idea of Gaila-and-Spock. Dealing with human shenanigans and being their awesome selves. Yeeaha.
What a fantastic idea. I love her rolling out of bed naked and grabbing just her gun. How perfectly Gaila. Love it. Spock's cool demeanor and subtle humor are great and I can see how these two would get along smashingly. She's so wonderfully tough here without being overly harsh and jaded, which is a fine line to tread. And of course I loved the tiny Sulu cameo! Yay Sulu!