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Coming back to (fannish) life

If I ever say I'm going to co-host two dinner parties for twelve in the space of three days, tell me I'm insane, okay? Mostly, everything went okay except for when one of my co-hosts tried to make me thicken up my posole so we could serve it on a plate, and then she wanted me to pour it on top of enchiladas with mole sauce. I wanted to say, "bitch please, I spent three hours making that," but instead I said, "perhaps we could serve it in some adorable ramekins instead." Then all was well in the world.

I haven't seen any WIP memes going around, but I'm kind of super excited about how I have WIPs that are not anonymous, so here, have some first linesparagraphs:

1. Percy combed the last canary feathers out of his hair and counted the number of days until he could return to Hogwarts. Twenty-seven. Far too many. (for my Queer_Fest story, which I am actually going to finish this year.)

2. In the beginning, he sees Agent Romanoff more than the others. They're all around -- well, except for Thor -- and he has an open invitations to visit, but everyone is scattered in places that feel too strange to call home. SHIELD is not exactly familiar territory either, but beneath the wacky technology and dysfunctional family vibe, it's still the military, and he can take comfort in its discipline and rhythm. (The beginning of my Steve/Natasha pretending to be married story. Yes, really. I'm writing one.)

yeomanrand asked: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and Maria Hill go drinking. Who passes out first? Maria Hill probably passes out first. She's the kind of woman who probably spends a lot of time on the job, and I see her more as the type who would spend her free time hiking or doing something physical, not drinking. Sherlock would probably be the last man standing. I'm sure John could put up a good fight, but Sherlock has an addict's level of tolerance for illicit substances.

velvetmouse asked: Would Gaila and Natasha Romanoff be best friends or mortal enemies? Either, depending on the circumstances in which they meet. Both women were essentially forced into slavery (though in different ways) and both are exceptionally skilled in the art of manipulation. If they were on opposite sides of a conflict, they would be mortal enemies who respect and fear one another. If they both worked for SHIELD, they would probably find relief in their commonalities, but probably after a long period of mistrust.

Sulu and Number One do the boyfriend/girlfriend routine. Does Narcissa Malfoy buy it? Uh, maybe. On the one hand, I think Sulu and Number One could do anything for a mission, and they certainly have enough in common to form a good friendship, at the very least. They might even be attracted to one another's piloting skills. On the other hand, Narcissa is pretty shrewd, so she might see something amiss.

Does Gaila ship Christine Chapel/Maria Hill? Yes, Gaila ships all the people, however improbably the combination.

Sherlock Holmes is dropped into Steve Rogers' universe. What happens? A team of dysfunctional super heroes can make room for a recovering addict with extreme powers of deduction.

blumvale asked: if Spock and Natasha Romanoff are doing extreme sports, who chickens out first? Spock, though obviously he would say that extreme sports pose an illogical risk to one's health and safety.

rusting_roses asked: Sulu and Narcissa Malfoy are on a boat. What happens? Sulu probably thinks that she's an alien with unusual powers when she starts rowing the boat by magic. She is disgusted by him because he's a Muggle, albeit a Muggle with really cool technology. A verbal argument would ensue, and Narcissa would probably try to curse him, but Sulu would tackle her and tie her up on the floor.

circ_bamboo asked: Is it surprising that Sherlock Holmes is a better sharpshooter than Sally Donovan? No, not really. Sally is careful, and she doesn't shoot for sport. Sherlock would pull the trigger first because he really doesn't think about the consequences.
Heh. It occurred to me that throwing two dinner parties in one week might mean I am a real adult now.
Oh good. You are the third person on my flist to say something like that, which is encouraging. The storys' getting kind of long nad complicated on me, so I may be saving it for a big bang...or not. I'm not good with patience.
I am laughing that I managed to get Sherlock and John together even blind.

If you're up for another:

two and ten visit fifteen's home state. What do they bring back as souvenirs?
Hm, I'm just not sure I can picture Sherlock and Luna on a road trip in the United States, whether to Maria Hill's home state or not...
thank you for answering. and you're probably right about Spock but at the same time I'm not sure he would give up a challenge. He may stick with it just to one up Natasha. :)

( and I stole this and posted it on my wall if you wanna give me some questions :) )