Avengers: captain b/w

5 Avengers Recs

Fifteen Short Stories About Teamwork (5999 words) by faviconBlackEyedGirl - Team, gen
Just what it says on the tin. A perfect fix for all your post-movie grudgingly-becoming-a-team genfic needs.

Biting the Same Bullet (2752 words) by faviconstarbolin - Clint/Natasha, NC-17
Think it would be hot to read about Clint going down on Natasha? You'd be right! Porn with good characterization, plus a nice little bookend about Budapest.

Living Dangerously by penknife - Tony/Bruce/(Pepper), R
Mostly Tony/Bruce blow job porn, with bonus points for Pepper's full knowledge and consent, plus excellent Bruce characterization

The Sky and Everything Beneath It (7186 words) by faviconjibrailis - Steve-centric
Steve takes a road trip across the United States to visit Peggy's grave. He starts off solo, but picks up a few passengers along the way. Another excellent example of post-movie team-building fics.

fubar (3596 words) by faviconwaldorph - Natasha, Clint, background Clint/Coulson
Post-movie, Natasha takes Clint to a hellhole in Russia to recover. Clint is interesting and twisted and slightly disturbing, and so is Natasha. Their friendship is beautifully rendered, and this is the best Natasha voice I've ever read.