chekov: mathletes

Recs: 2 Avengers, 3 Harry Potter, 2 Star Trek, 1 Torchwood

Every Friday After the War (3134 words) by faviconignipes - Steve, Clint
I love stories where we get to see unexpected combinations of characters interact, and this fic fulfills that premise beautifully. Steve and Clint talk after the end of the film. Gently angsty, with good insight into both characters.

First Name Basis by sugar_fey - Clint/Natasha
My favorite new Avengers fic so far. In a series of simple vignettes, the story shows Clint and Natasha's growing emotional attachment to one another, with a lovely helping of UST. This is exactly how these characters should be.

Harry Potter
Chosen and Accepted by Anonymous at hp_beholder - Augusta Longbottom/Andromeda Tonks
I wouldn't have thought to put these two characters together, yet as this fic demonstrates, both women have a lot in common, like raising a grandchild alone after losing your children. Working from that premise, the author creates a mature, thoughtful relationship that includes rich back stories for both women.

Situs Inversus (The Sinister Mix) (611 words) by faviconEustacia Vye - Eileen Prince
A creepy, dark, and sad look at Eileen during her pregnancy with Snape, this ficlet packs a lot of punch for its small size. Warnings for suicidal ideation, domestic violence, and pregnancy loss.

Closure (the Same as it Ever Was Remix) (1843 words) by faviconthe_rck - Petunia, Harry
Harry comes back to Privet Drive to collect his things. Petunia doesn't quite know what to do when she sees him. I am always fascinated by stories that show us Petunia's thought process, and this story is a beautiful example. I don't exactly sympathize with her here, but her reactions are so spot-on, and she comes off as very human, if not very likable.

Star Trek
Good Grammar in Bed by thistlerose - Spock/Uhura, R
Spock tries to talk dirty. Somewhat predictably he is bad at it. The dialogue is both hilarious and in character, and the ending is adorable.

A Shifting Destination (Iron Lady/Armor Up Multimix) (10300 words) by faviconMad_Maudlin - Kirk/girl!McCoy
This was my absolute favorite story of this year's Remix, and possibly my new favorite in this fandom. The author deftly switches between Kirk and McCoy's POV, creating rich personalities and back stories for each of them. I love how clearly their friendship is established and how slowly it turns to romance, and I appreciated the opportunity to see both characters (but especially Jim) admit to vulnerabilities.

Lovers They Come and Never Go by nancybrown - Tosh/Mary, NC-17
A clever AU in which Mary is not an alien criminal but an alien cop. The sex in this is absolutely hot, but I also loved the new back story for Mary and the chance to see Tosh happy.