Avengers Assemble!

I want to spank Scarlett Johansson's perfect ass admire Scarlett Johansson's perfect ass from a socially acceptable distance, possibly for hours at a time.

I want to write a coherent reaction post, but probably not until after multiple viewings!

I want links to all the fanfic communities! I want shiny new Avengers icons!

I want you to prompt me with all your amazing awesome prompts!
...except the slashy ones, which you should probably save for someone else

I want to write all the tiny, shiny little ficlets, especially if they are about Natasha Romanoff or Number One Nick Fury's XO who may or may not have had a name!

I want to start an Avengers lady!fic community if such a thing does not already exist! And if such a thing does already exist, I want you to tell me about it immediately so that I may implore the mods to let me run a drabble fest!

I want to not default on my holmestice fic...
I haven't seen Avengers yet, but this reaction is encouraging!

I am also trying not to default on my Holmestice assignment... *bites nails*
I am super duper picky about my movies, but I really loved this one (clearly). I hope you enjoy it too!

Argh, yes, I am getting worried about this story. I've started it, and I like what I have so far...but I started writing without *any* idea what the plot will be, and that usually results in a 6000 or 7000 word story, which I clearly do not have time for right now...
Maria Hill. If you mean Robin from How I Met Your Mother.

avengersblend? also I've written a few small things but not post movie because, um, I just got back from it myself!
She was seriously awesome. I could stand to read much about her.
Me too! I love her even more now that I understand that she is holding her own amid all the superheroes even though she has no super powers herself (well, except for being awesome).
Please do! Especially if it's open to all the ladies in the MCU. I haven't seen the movie yet, but, uh, already writing fic just based on spoilers (that I will edit copiously after I actually have seen it), and I would love a drabble fest.
You should! I was pretty lukewarm on all the superhero franchises, but I think this one is worth the time. It reminds me of a lot of the things I loved about STXI.